Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School

Back to school today! This summer has flown by! I had been wanting to get a photo like this since we got these shoes, and I finally got a chance today! Arent they cute?

I took shoe pictures last year, so I thought I would again this year, lol. Blake got himself a pair of Air Jordans.

And of course, Layla (and Morgan!) got Skechers Twinkle Toes. They got the ones that light up, so they love to run up & down the hallway and watch them light up.

Time to go! I am so not a fan of uniforms. And no, it's not private school, it's public.

Super excited!

Excited, but you can't tell. It was his hair. We completely forgot about a haircut yesterday. Suddenly, as we were leaving, he had issues. He's getting it cut today.

That's a little better.

Maybe it's just because school started today, or because I'm ready for fall, but as I was outside bringing in the recycling bins and checking the pond & the pumpkins, I SWEAR that I feel a difference in the air. It's warm, but there is a really nice breeze today, and it's cool, not hot air like it usually is. I gotta run make the kids some cupcakes as a surprise snack, and we have football tonight. Have a good one!

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Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Wendy. Thank you for the hugs! I miss the days of getting Ty ready for school but not the arguments over homework. The kids look cute. Why didn't we have neat sneakers like that, well you probably did, we didn't in my time. ha-ha.

Hugs right back at you...Tracy :)


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