Monday, July 30, 2007

What's Your Color Personality?

I just took this quiz from My color personality is GREEN.

Your color personality is: Green

It sounds like the hue you most relate to is green -- the color most evocative of nature. Adjectives such as kind, gentle, and contemplative likely describe you. You enjoy being involved with your neighbors and coworkers, but you also require plenty of time to yourself to recharge. You are social yet introverted, and modern but not trendy. Surround yourself with your signature color to create a restful, soothing environment. From sage to hunter, green can work well in virtually every room of your house. Use it generously to create a haven you'll love coming home to.
What's your color personality?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back to School

Blake is starting Kindergarten this year. It's hard to believe it's that time already. Time passes too quickly. If his birthday had been 3 weeks sooner, he would have started last year.

We have been getting things here and there, as they go on sale. Two or three weeks ago, Staples had a good sale. Pencils, folders, pencil sharpeners & binders for $.01. And we found him some polo shirts on clearance at Wal-Mart.

Well today, his grandmother, aunt, cousins, him, Layla & I went shopping for some more stuff. Blake is officially ready for school. All we need still is one more school shirt, and I have to get that from the school. They have to wear uniforms. I don't really care for uniforms, but what can ya do. They have to wear denim or kakhi shorts/pants and either the school's t-shirt, or solid red, white or navy polo shirts. And on Fridays they can wear a flag shirt that the school sells. Layla suckered Nonnie into a new backpack and new shoes as well. But we got an awesome deal on her shoes! She got a pair of Etnie's that were normally $49.99 for $12.49! This is what they look like, except the E's light up on hers.

Normally the kids here have to buy all kinds of things for school. Ziploc bags, paper plates, copy paper, 20 glue sticks, cotton balls... But this year, all they say they need is 6 folders, 300 sheets of notebook paper, 2 gluesticks, 2 notebooks & pencils. What is on your children's school supply lists this year?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday Deals

We were going to go to the beach today, but Mike ended up working. So we went to the library. We passed by an estate sale next to the library, so after we finished, we stopped. I picked up this little (8 oz.) Pyrex bowl for a buck. I keep finding yellow. This one makes 3 yellow pieces.

On the way to the store, I noticed that there were signs out in front of my favorite craft store, Crafts & Stuff that said "Going out of business sale 70-90% off". That kinda sucks. They are a chain store, but really focused on scrapbooking. Way better than Michaels. They had a lot of name brand, popular stuff, and they accepted competitor's coupons. But I stopped to see what I could find. I guess this sale had been going on for a bit because tomorrow is the last day, and almost everything was gone. But I did manage to find some stuff. All this was $20. Doesn't seem like much for $20. But then when you think about how expensive Scrapbooking is, it was a good deal.

I love the jumbo Ric-Rac! I probably should have got more of that instead of some of the other stuff. Oh well.
I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Friday, July 27, 2007

New Banner!

Thank you Carla & Katrina for helping me with my banner!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Red.... & white

Katrina posted a photography challenge this week on Scraptown. The color red. Now keep in mind, I don't have a fancy SLR camera. I WISH I had one, lol. But I just have a point & shoot. This picture is hanging up at work. Blake drew it, and it says "I love you".

This old pastry blender I picked up at the antique store for $.50.

Yum! Red Velvet cupcakes!

Layla after the beaters.

And now for the white. Mike brought me these vintage porcelain knobs home from work yesterday! He sent me a picture early in the day of them, but then said he was just showing me them & had thrown them away! But he was kidding. They aren't in perfect shape, that one is broken. But I don't care. I just need to decide what to do with them. He has the other piece that they were mounted to the shower with, but I'm not sure if I want to use that too, or just the knobs. Any ideas?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thift Store & Yard Sale Finds

Thursday, my friend & I decided to go to this little thrift store down the road from work, during our lunch break. We had been once before, and had wanted to go back. Well, we were pleased to find that everything in the store was 50% off! Unfortunately, it's because they are losing their building (they're a charity thrift) and are trying to clear everything out. The 50% off is going to continue until the end of the month.

I picked up this Ball jar for $.25, the old sifter for $1, and the books for $.50 each. I got Little Women & one called The Water Babies, both from the 50's. The Water Babies is full of fairy tales. And then The Secret Garden is from the 80's, but I like that book. Not pictured it two clear glass teacups I got for $.25 for BOTH. They are at work holding paper clips & tacks.

This morning, my friend, mother-in-law, my son & I headed out to see what we could find. The original goal was to hit an estate sale & then head to our favorite antique store for the yard sale they were having. At the estate sale I got this spice rack. I took the jars out, cleaned them out and will probably use them to hold scrapbooking stuff. I'm not sure yet where the house is going to go, but I thought it was cute.

The estate sale was held in at least a 100 year old house. I have a soft spot for old houses. My dream house would be an old, two story house. This one was pretty small, but I still liked it. It still had the old glass doorknobs & skeleton key locks. They weren't exactly sure how old it was, but the one a few houses down was built in 1907, and this one was already there.

From there, we went to the antique store's sale. It wasn't as great as we thought it would be. One vendor had some tables set up outside and had her stuff 50% off. I picked up a yellow Pyrex bowl. I could have got another in the same size, in green for $10 for the pair, but I only got this one. It was normally $12.50, but I got it for $6. My first colored Pyrex!

We went to some more yard sales after that, but it was pretty much a bust. All we really found was clothes, toys & various other junk.

After my mother in law left, my friend & I ran down to the Missing Children's thrift we had been wanting to go to. More Pyrex! And I really liked this pumpkin dish. I doubt it's old, but its cute.

And here is a close-up of inside the pumpkin pie plate.

I think we definitely did better last week, but I am happy with what I found!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I was browsing through an email I got from BHG (Better Homes & Gardens) and this totally caught my eye. Love it! Wish I had room for it!

Here is a close up. Gorgeous!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Treasure Hunting

Saturday morning we went yard-saling. Or treasure hunting as the kids called it. My car was the ship, and I was the captain. My friend went with us. I think we got some pretty good stuff!

I'm not used to adding pictures yet, so they aren't in exactly the order I wanted. Below is a tiny Mason jar, 3 old magnents and two Fireking cups & saucers. I don't know yet what I am going to do with those, but I loved them and I will figure it out later, lol.

This isnt from the yard sales, but my MIL brought it home for us from their home town of Olean, NY. This makes my second Pepsi crate.

Below is a Pyrex baking dish, a vintage pillow case and the Mason jar, magnents & Fireking again. This makes my third piece of Pyrex. I have a yellow casserole dish, and a clear glass mixing bowl (?). I also have two newer pieces that I bought at the store, but I dont count those, lol. I didnt notice that the pillowcase was yellowed until I got home. I will have to figure out what I can do with it. Any suggestions?

The Disney book is from the 70's, and the fish book from the 50's. Then I have a stack of vintage valentine's & cards, and a box of vintage Children's birthday cards, each .50. The apple plate and apple Blake bought for his Nonnie. Her kitchen is done in apples and at every sale we went to he was on the lookout for apple stuff. I figured I could repaint the apple.

Finally, a Shish-Kabob set, yellow bucket and two Corning Ware racks. The racks were in a box marked free. Cant get much better than that!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blog Builder #8

My pet peeves... I'm sure there are more than I can think of as I try to post this. But here are a few...

1. People who drive too slow.
2. People who tailgate.
3. Being late.
4. Really strong perfume.

See? That's all I can think of right now. So, what are some of your pet peeves?

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Hello! I have been thinking about starting a blog for awhile, but wasn't sure if I wanted to. Well I decided to go ahead and do it! So I will just jump right in. My name is Wendy, I live in Florida with my fiance, Mike, and my two kiddos, Blake & Layla. I love scrapbooking, sewing, crafting in general really, thrift store shopping, antiques, the outdoors and more. I hope you enjoy my blog!


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