Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Fun

A few weeks ago I saw a cute idea on Betz White's blog ( As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to try it. What is IT?

Sponge balls!

She explains how to do it on her blog, but I'll post it again. You cut plain sponges into four pieces. Tie them together with dental floss. And that's it! They were *SO* easy!

(I found that massive bag of sponges (30!) at Walgreens for $4.)

Here they are!

And what do you do with them?

And the end result?

Two wet, dirty kids!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Another layout! I used the Cogsmo line from Cosmo Cricket. The kids named this little guy Wall-E.

Imounted the black cardstock on chipboard scraps.

I went to the catholic thrift to donate a bunch of stuff today. Didnt find anything too exciting. 2 packs of sequin pins, a creamer (maybe to pull a small plant in) and a cork memo board. I have been looking for one of these to redo and I finally found one.

I also had to run to the mall today. I went in Old Navy thinking I would get some of their flip flops that are on sale for $1 a pair today. O.M.G. It was worse than Black Friday in there. Lines from the front of the store all the way to the back. And there were maybe 4 colors left. It looked like half of Polk County was there! So needless to say, I was not standing in that line to get flip flops! I took the kids to the Children's Place and they each found a pair for $1.99. Works for me!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Recent Crafty Stuff

I thought I would share a few crafty things I did recently. Paper-crafty. I did this for Blake's album. The journaling is the same as the one further down for Layla. Since we got Pumpkin, I started calling her P. Somehow, it started me calling the kids B & L. So I thought I would do a page about it.

I also finished this. I've had these pages back for a while, so I figured I would finally finish it all. I'm sure some of you know what a Circle Journal is, so what's an Un-Circle Journal? We completed all the pages, sent them to the hostess, and then she divided them up and sent them back.

Here is Layla's version of the B&L Layout. I didnt have two sheets of that blue, so I decided to reverse hers.

A close-up of the journaling:

I whipped these up the other night. Really fast and simple! I think the pinwheels themselves turned out good, but I'm not sure about the end result. The little bucket I got on Valentine's Day clearance awhile back.

And some crafty-ness from the kids. Or creativeness atleast. Atleast they are finally playing with the Tinkertoys!

And finally, not crafty. But cute. Chicken Dinner is sitting on 17 eggs. I have not seen her leave this bucket. We don't think she laid them, but she is sitting on them. There are 4 Aurucana eggs in there that we got from someone Mike worked with. They are the ones that lay the blue & green eggs. I can't wait till they hatch! Even though we can't keep em all :(. (not enough room!)

Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weekend Finds

As I mentioned yesterday, here are some photos of what we found over the weekend. Mike picked this out. It is made into a shelf, but it looks like a real washboard to me. I just googled it, and apparently they still make them. So who knows how old it is, if at all ( We have yet to decide where to hang it.

Here is a shot of the inside. Can you imagine packing one of these into your suitcase to do your laundry?

I found these shoe stretchers at the same place. I just loved the color! I just have them sitting on my end table right now. I found the plate at the Catholic Thrift on Saturday. I love the colors and patterns! It's from Canonsburg Pottery and the pattern is called Temporama. I googled it also, and saw several of these plates for $8-$10. I paid a quarter! I would love to find some more of this pattern! I have never seen it before, have you?

Here is a closer shot of the pattern.

Have you found anything good lately?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day Photos

I can upload pictures! So here are some pictures of what Mike got for Father's Day. This is the mug that the kids painted at Picasso's Cup ( I let them pick the colors (kind of looks like a watermelon, huh?) Then Blake wrote "We love you". Layla drew a litle picture (the thing on the left) and Blake drew one too (on the right).

I made this out of those old, wooden AOL boxes that used to come in the mail.

Blake did the artwork for the inside. For Mother's Day, they painted portraits of their mothers in class. I thought it would be cute for Blake to do the same for Mike.

And for the cake. It is far from perfect. But it turned out okay I guess. As you can see, the color is off. You can also kind of see the fact that our golf cart has no top.

I will try and post my weekend finds tomorrow! Have a good one!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

We didn't have much really planned for Father's Day. The kids & I both made something for Mike. And I had planned on making a cake for him. Last weekend I took the kids down to Picasso's Cup (paint your own pottery place) so they could make something for daddy. I guess in a small way, you could say it was for me too. By that I mean, something for him to keep his ipod, phone, wallet, etc in, and off of my oven! I also made him a little frame out of an old AOL box (those CD's that used to come in the mail) with a drawing of him, courtesy of Blake. And I did make him his cake, in the shape of a golf cart. I made it look as close to his as I could do. Dark green color. No top. Just couldnt do the three wheels instead of four. And I do have pictures of all of this, and would post them. Except Blogger isn't letting me tonight. Arg. Anyway.

We also went to see Kung Fu Panda yesterday. Pretty cute! I did stop at the catholic church, too. They were having their 25th Anniversary Celebration & Thrift Store Grand Re-Opening. Only got 2 things. A plate and a frame. Oh, on Saturday, we went to a place down the road called The Scrounge Around. We went looking for something for his dad for Father's Day. We did find him some things... an old scale and a shelf. I got two things as well, and Mike finally found something he likes! He always says that I never get anything for him when I go junking, but I never know what to get! I will share photos when this thing works again!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another one??

Two layouts in one week! This isn't the best scan... for some reason it looks kind of washed out. And I'm not sure I love the journaling.

But I love the picture!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Catching Up

I used to scrapbook quite a bit. I was almost always caught up and there were times I didn't have any pictures to scrap! But I haven't done it as much, or at all lately. Blake has 2 complete albums, and Layla has maybe 10 pages! But I finally broke down and did a page yesterday. It felt good. So I'm gonna try and do it more often. I haven't hooked up the scanner or installed the stitching software on this computer yet, but here is a photo:

Maybe I can get another one started tomorrow? We'll see.

On another note, we went to the thrift shop on lunch today. I was looking for frames for three prints I picked up on clearance at Tractor Supply. I did find them, $.25 a piece. Can't beat that. But look what else I found!

Notice the Zodiac signs on the bottom? I sat it on top of the little desk I picked up at the same thrift. Actually, everything but the book on the bottom came from that thrift. The red book on top is a math book from 1912.

Let's just hope I can keep the kids from destroying it!


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