Sunday, May 31, 2009

Before & After

You may or may not remember these old chairs I found awhile back. I really liked the blue, but they were rusting & needed some fixing up. The other weekend we were at Lowe's and saw the new ones they have in stock that look just like these. $35 for the chairs, $29 for the table. I must say I like my $5 each for the chairs, and FREE for the table much better!

Anyway, we picked out some paint, and Mike finished them up today. I love them!

Have a good week!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


We planted a garden again this year. A LOT of green beans, onions, tomatoes, carrots, corn, basil, oregano, green peppers & black eyed peas. Then we noticed some plants popping up in strange places. See, we use this area to dump veggie/fruit scraps when we arent using the garden. Pumpkins tried coming up back in January, but the cold killed them. So it's been interesting to watch the garden and see what develops. There are watermelon plants dotted all over. I hope to use some of these veggies to make baby food for Morgan. We'll definitely get some use out of the pressure canner this year!

Well, we noticed these plants getting pretty large. And flowers blooming. So one day (between the DOWNPOUR we have been having for over a week, today is the first I've seen sun!), I checked and found something!

Pumpkins? That's what it looks like to me. But when I google pumpkin plants, they look more vine-y than this. But look at that, what else would it be?

There are actually 4 plants. Not all have the same leaves. This look similar, but lighter green.

And it's producing yellow veggies/fruit. I thought maybe yellow squash? We didnt plant those and we dont eat them, but Mike's dad also brings scraps down.

Another plant, with different leaves.

Yellow & green?

And another one...

These look pumpkin-shaped, but yellow.

What do you guys think?

Another suprise veggie was a cucumber plant. We planted them last year, but not this year.

Look at this big old cuke we got!

Another not-so-great, but cute, suprise was kittens. 6 more. She had 7 but one didnt make it. They are so cute! They all look like they are going to be fluffy, we'll see. We have one that looks exactly like Chewbaca, two that look like PJ and the rest are stripers. Gonna be fun finding homes for 6 cats! We still have 3 from the first litter.

(they were the only two awake). I hope you have a great weekend!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cloth Dipes!

I've always used disposables. I did for Blake & Layla, and so far have with Morgan. But I decided I wanted to give cloth a try. She's only 2 months old, so we still have plenty of time before she's potty trained. So I ordered myself a bumGenius one-size AIO diaper. We gave it a try tonight. Of course, she had to break me in with going #2 right away! It wasnt too bad though. I think I'm going to give pre-folds a try. I have some, I just need some diaper covers. Anyone else use cloth?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hey there!

I know I've kind of neglected my blog... not really sure why. Guess I just didnt get around to posting! I havent really gotten around to doing anything crafty. I want to get my sewing machine going again but just havent done it yet. Lots of great projects I've seen out there and want to try!

Anyway... Morgan tried out the pool for the first time! I think if she could sit up better, she probably would have fallen asleep! She kept closing her eyes.

And this is a regular occurance around here. The babies really like snuggling up with her.

Mother's Day was good. Blake decorated me this cake at school, and he also made a couple of small things.

This is from Layla.

Today we went over to the Florida Aquarium. My employer had the company picnic there. We had never been so I thought it would be a great opportunity for the kids.

This guy was pretty neat!

And this guy was pretty huge! It's a Goliath Grouper and no, that photo isnt zoomed at all. He was probably as long as Blake is tall, and Blake comes about to my chest. I'm 5' 4. The sign said they can weigh up to 800 lbs.

Blake really likes the eels.

This is on the upper deck of the aquarium and overlooks the Port of Tampa.

Of course the kids wanted to get wet!

They got to see this big boat as we were leaving.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Swap Goodies

As I said, I got my swap from my partner Rebecca! And I'm finally getting around to sharing! I loved everything, thank you again!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2 months!

Can you believe Morgan is 2 months old already?! Gosh the time just flies. She went for her 2 month checkup yesterday and now weighs in at a whopping 11 lbs. 10 oz! And she is 23 3/4 inches long. She's in the 95th percentile for her height and 75th for her weight. The girl likes to eat!

Oh, and I recieved my swap package from Rebecca! I will post about it next!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swap Sent!

Since Rebecca received her package, I thought I would go ahead and share what I sent. I hope she liked everything!

A little chalkboard I made out of a thrifted frame.

I thought maybe this could be used to pin ideas, inspirations, etc to.

That pink book is from the 50's and had tips for "young men" on life, girls, home, etc.

I found several of these old Jack & Jill magazines at the thrift awhile back. All from 1958 & the 60's.

I cant wait to see mine! Have a great weekend!


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