Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's a Shark-Er-Melon!

I've been debating posting this since I did it, mostly because another blogger posted it first. Apparently we both made this Memorial Day weekend! (that's how long I've been debating, lol!). I ended up posting my watermelon cake first. But I went through the trouble of photographing the steps, so I'm going to go ahead and post.

Start with a long, oval shaped watermelon. Wash it and dry it. And then lop off one end, at an angle.

Then cut away an open mouth shape. I went over this first with a little paring knife, then did the actual cutting with a bigger, sharper knife. Make sure you save the good fruit from this and the chunk you cut off first.

Using a scoop or a spoon, carefully scrape out the inside of the melon. Keep this fruit too!

This was probably the trickiest part for me. You need to remove the dark green flesh from about 1 inch or so, all the way around the mouth. I used the paring knife at first, then tried a veggie peeler. The peeler was much easier!

You can see mine isn't quite perfect! But that's ok.

Next, using a sharp knife, begin cutting the teeth. Mine aren't very uniform, but I still think they turned out pretty good.

Using some of the previously cut away rind, cut the shape of a fin. Then, using toothpicks, insert the fin into the back of the shark.

Cut your previously set aside fruit into cubes, and fill the sharks mouth.

For the eye, I used a melon baller to dig out a circle, then I filled it with a brown peanut M&M. Be careful with this part, you don't want to crack your shark!

And there you have it! It was fairly easy - easier than I thought it would be!

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Tiff said...

I didn't see the other blogger's post, so I am so GLAD YOU posted yours!!! I love this! I usually just do a lame old basket, but I'm definitely stealing this next time we have a party(if you don't mind).

Jill said...

I love this - too cute!!!

Michele Alger said...

Ohhh-ho-ho! My kids are gonna LOVE this!Thanks for the idea!! ;)

Amy@OCD: Obsessive Creative Disorder said...

I stopped my from Serenity Now! I know I'm a teacher because I so want to stick my hand in the sharks mouth and scream like a crazy person lol! That's so adorable.

Amyshka said...

ahaha thats so creatively awesome :)

Heidi said...

Ha! That cracks me up! I haven't seen it either, so I'm glad you posted it too!

Katie said...

This is awesome! Thanks for linking up last week at Sew Woodsy last week! Hope you'll join us tomorrow and link up!


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