Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tissue Paper Poms

Now I know you might already know how to make these tissue poms, but I always seem to find posts from people asking how to do it. So since I'm trying to work my way up to Morgan's birthday party post, I thought I'd go ahead and share. They are SO simple and since tissue paper comes in so many patterns and colors now, you can make them to match any party or event.

 All you need is some tissue paper, a pair of scissors and string, twine, yarn or fishing line. Keep an eye out during post-holiday clearance and you can snag a great deal on the tissue.

Open your packs and spread out your tissue. At this point, you can leave them the size they are, or trim them to make them smaller.

I wanted a variety of sizes, so I cut this one down a bit. Also, the more layers you use, the fluffier they will be. I like to use at least eight.

Now, starting on one end, start folding the sheets, accordion style.  I usually do about an inch or so on this, but I never measure it.

Keep folding until the entire sheet is finished. I like to press down on the edges to flatten the folds as much as I can. 

For the ends, you can either cut them rounded, or pointed. It's totally up to you. But snip off both ends of the tissue. 

Fold your tissue over enough that you can find the center. Using your string of choice, wrap it around and tie a secure knot.  Make sure you leave a long enough tail that you can hang them at the height you need.

Now it's time to fluff. Carefully pull up each each layer of tissue, making sure to undo any folds. Be careful because it tears easy. But I've also found that minor tears don't really show.

Complete one side, then flip over and repeat.

And there you have it!

Here are all the ones I did for Morgan's party. I did orange and two shades of blue, in several different sizes. If you want to add to your display, check out my post on tulle pom poms. I apologize for the lack of crafty posts and all the sponsored posts. I got a little backed up, and then we went to North Carolina for another vacation. I promise to have more crafty posts (including Morgan's cookie decorating party & Layla's Lego party!) coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee!!! I love making these also!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I hope your part of the sunshine state is just getting light showers! enjoy your week!


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