Thursday, November 15, 2012

Share Your Style Swap

Share Your Style
Recently I participated in something new over at Vintage Wanna Bee, the Share Your Style Swap. I was paired up with Julie at From Awkward to Art. We filled out questionnaires about what we liked, an then we swapped! This time it was hair accessories.

 I wish I had been inspired enough to create something from scratch, but I had a tough time. Julie liked soft headbands, so I found this cream, lacy one. I really hope she likes it!

I also found this pretty grey flower and added a clip to the back side.

Here's a closeup of the headband.

I added the clip so that the flower could be worn by itself, or attached to the headband.

And these are the cute goodies I received back!

These sparkly clips are fun!

These little bows are sweet, too.

And how pretty are these flowers? This is actually three different clips!

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