Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finding things

I havent really gotten into collecting much pottery, I have a matte white piece I found at the thrift, and I think that's really it. Well, we are always finding things around here. Like this past weekend, we found a sidewalk in the front yard! DF and FIL were fixing the lid to the septic tank, and struck concrete where concrete shouldnt be. It was a sidewalk leading towards the front porch. They were buried under a pretty thin layer of dirt and grass. But anyway, when we first moved in, there were some terra cotta pots stuck in the ground behind the house. There were also 2 planters, or so I thought. I dug them out and cleaned them up a little. They got stuck in the cabinet outside and pretty much forgot about. For some reason, I decided to go out there and look at them again. Turns out one is McCoy, and the other is Regal. I know McCoy is pretty collectable, but I dont really know anything about Regal. I havent taken any pics yet, but I will. I couldnt find the yellow one (McCoy), but I found the Regal one. Here is a link to it:
Anyone know anything about Regal pottery? The bottom says Regal 308 USA.

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Shara said...

I have that same planter. I doesn't go with my Matte White Collection, but I just loved it. So, of course, it had to come home with me!

A found sidewalk. Now, that's a new one!


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