Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More updates, weekend finds and lots of photos!

I thought I would share some more photos, including my new finds from this weekend. There are quite a few!
These Ball mason jars were $.50 and $.12 (charity thrift), the white hobnail bowl is Fire King ($2, same thrift), the blue bowl is Fenton, it was $.50 at a yardsale, along with the 3 floral frogs (3 for $1) and the pins ($.15). I was just saying the other day that I never see frogs anywhere!

This Tupperware cake plate came from the same thrift as above, it was $.25.

A church down the road was having a yardsale. Got a few good things, and they had great prices! I got this for the frame, it was $.75.

This came from the church also, it was $.75. It's marked 1980. Is it Little People?

Some old linens. The pillow cases on top were $.50 or less, the one on the bottom left was $.10 (it has some yellowing, but for $.10 I figured it was worth a shot) and the little owl towel was $.75.

A sheet and finally an apron! The sheet was $.50 and the apron $.75. It's my first time finding an apron at something other than an antique shop.

Found this at the same yardsale as the frogs. It was $2. It was a medicine cabinent, but we took the back off and hung it in the hallway. It looks better in real life, but this picture is bad. It has detailing in the corners and the paint is chippy.

Here is some of the other things I have found. Everything on this shelf I have gotten at yardsales, thrifts or antique shops, except for the beater in the middle. That came from my family, but I am not sure how old it is or anything like that.

I picked this up the Webster Flea Market. Finally a place to keep my John Deere salt & pepper shakers!

This was my Valentine's day gift from DF, along with that little scoop in shelf picture. This was a big surprise! I never expected him to buy me stuff like this! Thanks sweetie! Love you!

Picked this up at a yardsale awhile back. It was gold, I think it looks a lot better now!

Also got this at the Webster Flea Market.

On a different note, we now have chickens! The only one with a name so far is the momma chicken, her name is Chicken Dinner, courtesy of Blake & Layla.

Not the greatest picture, but for anyone in Florida with a citrus tree in their yard, they are getting to enjoy the sweet smell of orange blossom. This is our orange tree, but the grapefruit and tangerine trees are also blooming.

"Weeds", from my sweet daughter. Riding in the golf cart, she made daddy stop so she could pick some flowers.

I finished my chair from the last post, check out the after!

And finally, I picked up this lamp from Target when the Global Bazaar stuff went on clearance. It was $70, but I got it for $17. The black shade doesnt match anything in my house though, so I recovered the lamp shade.


I dont think it's too shabby for my first time!


bahama97 said...

Lots of great deals!! I especially like the John Deere piece. You are so crafty...your pieces look wonderful!

Paxil Princess said...

It's so good to see you blogging again,Wendy!
I love all the great stuff you found,especially the fan, the owl towel and the little chair.

oliveoyl64 said...
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oliveoyl64 said...

You got some great stuff and the prices, oh my.

You seem to be crafty, hum? Have you ever visited the trash to treasure forums on HGTV? Those ladies love thriftiness and repurposing. Want the link?

so A"MUSE"D said...

Wowey some great finds there.. I love those blue and white bowls very pretty. And yes that house is little people my husband has the same one from his childhood. And that little chair looks fabulous since you've recovered it. Happy hunting!

Diana @ PleaseSir said...

I love those jars - so useful!

Katrina said...

I love the reupholstered chair, it looks fantastic. I hope Chicken Dinner doesn't become one.


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