Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekend Finds... plus a few others

I thought I would share my finds from the weekend as well as a few other things. We brought this chest of drawers back from Virginia. It was there when my aunt & uncle bought the place and they didnt need it. As you can see, it needs a paint job. We are going to repaint it white and I want to replace the knobs with glass ones.

I found a website, http://www.houseofantiquehardware.com/, that I am going to get the knobs from. I just need to decide what color. What do you think?

Milk Green:
Depression Glass

Or Clear?

I had been wanting to get Blake a headboard but hadnt found anything inexpensive and hadnt figured out how I would want to make one. But last week on Freecycle I got lucky and got 3! They said the white ones were head and foot boards, but they are the same size, so I'm pretty sure they are both headboards. So now I have 2 extras. They are real wood and the two white ones are from Pier One. Not bad for free!

I got this a few weeks ago at the Catholic church thrift. I think it was $.75.

Here is the McCoy pottery I dug out of the back yard. See how "dirty" is it at the bottom? Any ideas how I could get rid of that? I think it held up pretty well for being half buried in the dirt for who knows how long.

A friend of the family saved this for the kids. He owns a demolition company and they were ripping out an old playground. Mike and his dad repainted it for the kids and mounted it in the ground outside.

And now on to my weekend finds. The tablecloth on the left found us! Mike said he found it in the yard and it had a $5 price tag on it. It's kind of hard to see, but there is detail around the bottom. It has a few places where those threads are ripped, but its in pretty good shape. The blue fabric I got at the Catholic thrift. I dont know what it used to be, a sheet or curtain it kind of looks like. But it has been cut and was with the fabric. I loved the color though!

I also picked up this Anchor pitcher and some embroidery hoops. I keep seeing these pitchers and always wanted one, but never got around to actually buying one. This one was only $.50 so I figured, why not? I am thinking about making some wall hangings out of the hoops, but I would also like to learn how to embroider. I spent $3 and some change on the fabric, pitcher, all those hoops and a little shaker for my cake decorating.

And for my favorite find of the day! My chairs!

I got up Saturday and had to take Pumpkin (kitty) to the vet. I passed by one yardsale on the way there. Coming back I decided I would stop at just that one and see what they had. Walking up, all I saw was these chairs. I tried to hide my excitement by looking around at the other stuff, but all I was thinking was "I want those chairs!" I walked over to get a closer look and they were marked $5 each. Sold!!


Fenridal said...
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Sarah and Jack said...

Milk glass green on the knobs for sure.

Is the dirt under the glaze on the pottery or on top?

And Jack would love that rocket!

so A"MUSE"D said...

Wendy you find the best stuff you must have way better garage sales than we do. And my mom has that pitcher I've always loved it.

Katrina said...

What fantastic finds Wendy.


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