Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I was trying to come up with something I can do for a year-end gift for Blake's teacher. She is an amazing woman, and I am so grateful that he got such a good teacher. So I was browsing 2 Peas last night and came across something I saw quite a while back from Ali Edwards. It was the monogram made out of colored pencils. Like this: http://twopeasinabucket.kaboose.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=1163559. Has anyone ever made one? I am trying to decide what might ork for the backing... maybe mat board? Anyway, since I needed to find a frame, we went to the thrift store down the road on our lunch break. I did find a frame, but I also found some other goodies!
Like this matte green, Floraline pottery!

A bag of various seam bindings, etc. Looks like quite a few of them are vintage.

I found these 2 pillow cases and this little piece of flannel. They had the flannel marked blanket, but I'm not sure what it is. It's pretty small. Both the pillow cases have tags inside. One is too faded to read (the top one) and the yellow one has a JC Penney tag (definatly doesnt look new though). The tag says "Fashion Manor Muslin Penn-Prest ". Any idea hold old it might be?

Here is my frame, I'm going to paint it black. I also found this bag of thread. There are quite a few wooden spools, some newer ones I might be able to use, and then some on plastic spools that would probably snap if I tried to use them. I also picked up this sweater because I would like to try my hand at felting. I know I need to wash it in the machine with HOT water, but is that it? Should I cut it first? (That orange blur on the right is P. She was batting at my camera cord).

Next topic... flowers. My Daffodils I brought home from Virginia look pathetic. As you can see, they are still green, but that's about all they have going for them. Does anything know anything about growing them? Or what I can do to try and revive them?

On the other hand, my Dahlia looks great! I can't wait for this to bloom!

Is there somewhere on Blogger that can tell me how to make the links just show up with what I want them to say? Like "this" instead of the whole web address? I keep trying and just cannot get it!!


Shara said...

Hi - When you type ina hypelink, make sure you are ont eh Edit HTML tab. After you hit ENTER on the popup box for the Hyperlink, go to the hyperlink and you will see that it has the <> <> with your link twice. Delete the second link and type in what you want like HERE and then go to the other screen (my brains can't think...Compose?) anyway, then it should just say HEE instead of the hypelink. You can email me if I am not making this clear! monkeybox@juno.com

Sarah and Jack said...

I think matboard would work for the monogram, which is way cool.

I have a harder way of doing the link thing, but I use old blogger. I can tellyou in email if Shara's way doesn't work out. I dont want to type that code into your comments. LOL


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