Sunday, May 25, 2008

What the heck is it? & Saturday Finds

First off, it's another what-the-heck-is-it post. What the heck are these, does anyone have any ideas? They were all over our yard yesterday morning and they are all over the neighbor's yards, too. They are pretty whatever they are.

This picture is kind of washed out, but I wanted to show how many there were in this bunch.

Another bad photo... this is the neighbor's house, right across the road.

And for yesterday's finds. I got all this for less than $1 at the catholic thrift. I never expect to find an apron, cause, well, I never do. But I looked through the linens and went to walk away. I saw a little cart with some potholder, etc in it, and spotted this:

It's got a few small spots I need to try and get out, but I thought it was cute! Here is a close up of the detail. It's across the waistband and at the end of the strings as well.

I also found this cute grease strainer. It says "Kromex" on top.

And I picked up three books. The one on the left is called "Six Good Friends a Story of Circus Horses". The copyright says 1947. The Young Helen Keller book I had as a child. Not pictured is Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born.

Here are two pages from the horse book:

Check out these illustrations!

Find anything good this weekend?

1 comment:

diana @ please sir said...

Not sure what type of flowers those are, but great finds! I got some good finds this weekend too!


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