Sunday, May 4, 2008

Last week's finds, Chickens, Eggs & an Apron Swap

I've got several topics for this post, so I'll start with my finds from last week. The top is 2 pillow cases, and the bottom are curtains, but I thought the fabric was cute. I figured I could use them for something else.

The top is another pillowcase, I thought it would go with Layla's new sheet set. I'm not sure what the bottom thing is!

I found this tea towel with Alaskan wildflowers on it.

And a tablecloth! If it's vintage, it would be the first one I've ever found.

This photo is out of order, but I forgot it when I was uploading. It might look like 2 egss in a measuring cup, but those two yolks came from one egg! It's the 2nd one we have found from our chickens. I wasnt expecting it when I cracked the egg this morning!

We have some new additions to the coop. Mike's dad bought 2 Rhode Island Reds for 2 of the other cousins. This is Nanna:

And this is Sammy:

Here is a shot of the coop. The babies (Chicken Nuggets) are growing fast! You can see our black rooster in the center there.

Another shot. In this one you can see the other rooster (in the middle there, next to Sammy).

Friday, the kids went out to check on the chickens and found 2 eggs. One was this MAMMOTH egg! The smallest one is white, we think Chicken Dinner laid that one. Then we found the darkest brown one (that is the one that had 2 yolks this morning). And then the biggest one on top there is huge! The picture just doesnt do it justice, this thing is big! I havent cracked it yet, so I am wondering how many yolks might be in there?

I am participating in the Vintage Apron Swap, hosted by Sarah ( I got my apron on Friday! My partner was Rebecca ( I love it Rebecca! Thank you!! Look at how cute she wrapped it, and the cute card! (Sorry about the bad coloring on the photo!). Also, it's hard to see, but she had little flowers tied up in the bow.

And here is a somewhat better shot of the apron. It's really pretty, I love it! Thank you!

I will be sending yours out on Monday!!


bahama97 said...

I admire all your vintage finds! How cool! The apron swap sounds like a lot of fun!

karen said...
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Sarah and Jack said...

Is the tablecloth hemmed on 2 sides and selvedge on 2 sides?

Love the apron. Add a photo to the flickr pool if you haven't already!

Heidi said...

So, how many yolks did that giant egg have? Inquiring minds want to know! LOL We were just visiting my MIL who has chickens and I think I'd love to have a few of my own. Don't think the HOA would be too keen on that, however! :)

Love that tablecloth! It's a beauty.

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you liked the apron! :) Thank you sooo much for my fun California souvenier apron. I love it! I'll be posting about it this week. Love all your linen finds, you're like me, I head straight for the linens! I'm the queen of the random pillowcase lol.


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