Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day Photos

I can upload pictures! So here are some pictures of what Mike got for Father's Day. This is the mug that the kids painted at Picasso's Cup (http://www.picassoscup.com/studiohome.html) I let them pick the colors (kind of looks like a watermelon, huh?) Then Blake wrote "We love you". Layla drew a litle picture (the thing on the left) and Blake drew one too (on the right).

I made this out of those old, wooden AOL boxes that used to come in the mail.

Blake did the artwork for the inside. For Mother's Day, they painted portraits of their mothers in class. I thought it would be cute for Blake to do the same for Mike.

And for the cake. It is far from perfect. But it turned out okay I guess. As you can see, the color is off. You can also kind of see the fact that our golf cart has no top.

I will try and post my weekend finds tomorrow! Have a good one!


Treighsie said...

Wow! Awesome cake! And great gifts!

diana @ please sir said...

Cute mug and cake - sounds like you had a fun time!

so A"MUSE"D said...

Ahh what a great cup.. they did a great job.. and I love that cake too cute!


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