Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chickies & Last Weeks Finds

Since the babies are all out of the nest and running around, I thought I would share a newer picture. I think I can see the little tufts on the Auraucana's.

I know I haven't really been sharing much vintage goodies lately. I haven't really been yardsaling in a while! But I did stop at the thrift last week and one yardsale. I found this mug at one of the thrift stores. The glass has the same look at Hazel Atlas, Fire King, Pyrex, etc. but there are no markings on the bottom except for a very tiny 28. Nothing else. I have tried searching online but cannot find another one of these. Does anyone know anything about this?

Then I also found this one lonely cup. I just love the little flower! It's Taylor, Smith & Taylor, and the pattern is called Boutonniere.

Look at how pretty the inside is!

I also found this little Mikasa cup. The bottom says "Color Trend" and then "DR 201 Petal Puff Japan". I didn't have much luck finding this online either.

Then at the yardsale I found this enamel bowl.

At the Catholic thrift, I found this little basket. I'm not sure if I love the green. Do you think I could paint it?

Also at the same thrift, I found several vintage hankies.

This little purple flower is too cute!

And while none of our initials include a G, I thought these were pretty. I really like the grey.

And both of them are different.

The blue one is plain, but I really liked the color. Same for the one with the purple edge. But look at the one that says Ann!

What about you, have you found anything good lately?

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about my previous post asking for ideas. I will get to that!


Heidi said...

I have a monogrammed H hankie just like your G hankies! Mine is pink. I think the gray is very pretty!

On the mug with the apples, tons of companies made milk glass like that, many more than the 'big names' that are marked. If it's not marked, I don't know of any way to find the manufacturer, unfortunately. It's cute, though! :)

Kim's Treasures said...

I really like the mug with the blue inside! You found some nice things. Your chickies are getting sooo big!
Have a great day!

please sir said...

Oh the chicks look so cute! Those cups and linens are also quite lovely - I love old linens!

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

Have I found anything good lately? The two chairs in my booth... I got the pair for $25. This weekend I went to the flea & got some cute button cards for 50 cents & a vintage frame for $2. Love your hankies and the aqua cup. xoxo, Joanna

please sir said...

Thanks for the e-mail! Future house might have to make some room for chickents!


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