Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Nothing like last minute, eh?

I said I would share photos of our holiday decorations, so I guess I should go ahead since it's Christmas Eve! The baking is done, the wrapping is done and the house is clean! I am SO glad the shopping is done. I have no desire to be anywhere near any stores today! Anyway, on with the "tour"...

(The silver & red trees are from the Target dollar spot this year, and the bigger ones are from Kohl's last year).

Our Little People Christmas village. We also have a nativity set.

Our "pooping" reindeer.

And a "pooping" sheep and a "pooping" penguin.

The stockings.... no chimney so they hang from the entertainment center.

Some houses the kids & I made last year. They were little kits from Michael's.

Another shot of the tree

Maybe he's a little tacky, but I think he's cute.

The centerpiece, including my one and only Shiny Brite and my salt & pepper shakers from Publix.

Finally, last year in the Target dollar spot, they had these cute little trees. I picked up one for each kid to keep in their room. Blake's is looking a little sad, but it's hit the floor several times due to the kitties.

I hope you and your family have a fantastic Christmas!!

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