Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swap Sent!

Since Rebecca received her package, I thought I would go ahead and share what I sent. I hope she liked everything!

A little chalkboard I made out of a thrifted frame.

I thought maybe this could be used to pin ideas, inspirations, etc to.

That pink book is from the 50's and had tips for "young men" on life, girls, home, etc.

I found several of these old Jack & Jill magazines at the thrift awhile back. All from 1958 & the 60's.

I cant wait to see mine! Have a great weekend!


roseylittlethings said...

Love it all especially the chalk board. I just got a huge vintage frame at an estate sale and am thinking it would be a great chalk board. I will be posting about it soon!

Our Back Porch said...

Thank you thank you for everything! I love it all. The chalkboard frame is just awesome!! I was hoping yours would be there by now. I'm really bummed that it isn't! Waaahhh. I hope you love everything I sent. Let me know when it gets there.

Thanks again!

Our Back Porch said...

Me again. hee hee
I just went to check the tracking and was happy to see your package did arrive today. So I'm going now to post pics. So if by chance you haven't opened your box yet, don't peek on my blog.


Heidi said...

I love the chalkboard frame you made!

please sir said...

Oh wow look at all those goodies!

Jana said...

What a fabulous package to have gotten in the mail. You put together some really cool stuff for Rebecca.
Thanks for coming by The Order of The Opus Gluei. We welcome you and your craftiness.
Poohbah Jana


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