Saturday, May 23, 2009


We planted a garden again this year. A LOT of green beans, onions, tomatoes, carrots, corn, basil, oregano, green peppers & black eyed peas. Then we noticed some plants popping up in strange places. See, we use this area to dump veggie/fruit scraps when we arent using the garden. Pumpkins tried coming up back in January, but the cold killed them. So it's been interesting to watch the garden and see what develops. There are watermelon plants dotted all over. I hope to use some of these veggies to make baby food for Morgan. We'll definitely get some use out of the pressure canner this year!

Well, we noticed these plants getting pretty large. And flowers blooming. So one day (between the DOWNPOUR we have been having for over a week, today is the first I've seen sun!), I checked and found something!

Pumpkins? That's what it looks like to me. But when I google pumpkin plants, they look more vine-y than this. But look at that, what else would it be?

There are actually 4 plants. Not all have the same leaves. This look similar, but lighter green.

And it's producing yellow veggies/fruit. I thought maybe yellow squash? We didnt plant those and we dont eat them, but Mike's dad also brings scraps down.

Another plant, with different leaves.

Yellow & green?

And another one...

These look pumpkin-shaped, but yellow.

What do you guys think?

Another suprise veggie was a cucumber plant. We planted them last year, but not this year.

Look at this big old cuke we got!

Another not-so-great, but cute, suprise was kittens. 6 more. She had 7 but one didnt make it. They are so cute! They all look like they are going to be fluffy, we'll see. We have one that looks exactly like Chewbaca, two that look like PJ and the rest are stripers. Gonna be fun finding homes for 6 cats! We still have 3 from the first litter.

(they were the only two awake). I hope you have a great weekend!!


Kim's Treasures said...

Those are the sweetest kitties! Wish I could pick one up from you!

Those are pumpkins! Congrats! They sure will be early ones! Maybe some of the others are gourds. One looked like it may be. Did anyone dump gourds?

Have a great weekend!

Kim's Treasures said...

The 2nd picture, the one of the green "fruit"...that's a pumpkin. Are the yellow ones in the other picture from the same plant as the green one? If so, the ones I had that started yellow...rotted. Maybe those yellow ones are gourds???

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Kittens! So cute!

That sure looks like a pumpkin to me. How fun to be able to see what comes up on your garden. I think I'll plant a small garden next year, it looks like fun!

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

Thank you for stopping by and entering! My fingers are crossed for you! :) What a great garden you planted! We are Military and move quite a bit...needless to say it has been awhile since we have planted one and I miss it!! Those kittens are soo cute too...I have two grown kitty cats that I love! Have a great day!

Hugs to you,

so A"MUSE"D said...

that's what my pumpkin plants always look like... as for the yellow they could be pumpkins just a different kind... or gords... can't wait to see what they grow into!

Sarah and Jack said...

Those yellow things will end up being those small decorative type gourds. The green bits on the end will stay on some of them and go away on others. We had LOADS of them come up out of the compost heap last year.


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