Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blake's Invites

Blake's birthday is right around the corner again. This year we had trouble deciding what to do, but he finally chose mini golf at this place inside our mall. It's called Lunar Mini Golf, because it's played in the dark! Everything is all light up with neon colors under black lights.

So I started thinking of invitations. And playing around in Word. And I came up with this. What do you think?

Since we arent having it at home, decorations will be pretty slim. I'm just going to get colored paper goods. Instead of goody bags, I thought about getting t-shirts for the kids, and decorating them with paint that would glow under the black lights. I wonder if Joann's or Michaels would have anything like that?

For the cake, I'm thinking about using this pan from Wilton:

But making it a moon. I thought I could make a little flag and find either an alien or spaceman figure to be "playing golf" on top. It not, I dont know what else I might do! Any other suggestions?


Julie (formally mid-life mama) said...

Wow guess Lakeland Square Mall has changed since I used to live 11 years ago. LOL That sounds like a neat place.

ellie said...

Hi Wendy..thanks for stopping by my blog. I think that is a great idea for the cake. Do they make glow in the dark paint or maybe just white paint..because is will glow in the black lights. Have a great time!

so A"MUSE"D said...

Sounds like an awesome party.. and I agree the tshirts would rock.. and yes I think they make like glow in the dark puffy paint!


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