Friday, October 9, 2009

Brennan Apothecary

We finally got the Halloween stuff this past weekend. Even though it feels NOTHING like fall here in Florida. It's been in the 90's all week. Anyone want to send some cool weather this way?

I made this sign last year during the Sweet & Sinister Swap. It was pretty easy, you just need a steady hand! The words are painted on the back of the glass. I have it displayed with my ingredient jars I got from Michaels.

One of the ladies I work with made these awesome eyeballs.

She also made these creepy witch fingers! We did a trade - fingers for oozing caludron. (I'm going to post about them, still gotta dig them out!)

Arent they awesome?! She has also made chicken feet, human hearts, brains, brains with worms coming out & human fingers. She's a nurse so she knows her anatomy pretty well! The parts are made out of Sculpey clay, and she gets her jars, plates & cheese domes (for the brains) from yard sales.

I've got some more Halloween stuff I want to share, just need to get them photographed! We've got a soccer game & cheerleading camp tomorrow, and I also need to make some more pumpkin spice whoopie pies & post about them. So more posts coming soon!


Tracy Suzanne said...

Oh My, those are awesome. I've never heard of anyone making witches fingers. Amazing.
Have fun this weekend...Tracy :)

Anonymous said...

Those witch fingers are amazing! My boys would love them; they are sooo creepy looking!

Sarah said...

Sculpey clay, eh? Those are pretty wicked.


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