Sunday, February 28, 2010

Making Progress

Morgie's party is fast approaching (sad, isn't it?), and the party prep is in full swing. After seeing some completely adorable clothespin doll cake toppers, I decided I wanted to give one a try for Morgan's cake. She isn't perfect, but here she is! I made that little curl out of clay, she has a huge curl that sticks out on that side of her head. So cute! Question is... green base?

Or pink?

Tissue paper pom-poms are about halfway done.

For Layla's first birthday, she wore a pretty little dress. But I decided to go the tutu route for Morgie. The colors look better in real life, I promise!

First time making cupcake picks, I think they turned out pretty cute. Gotta love the $1 stamps at Michaels!

These are what will really make her birthday outfit. I got the bloomers from
Kennedi's Closet and the applique from Pinpoint. The hardest part was finding a white t-shirt! I didnt want to pay $10 for three onesies when I only needed one, and Target had NO plain white t's for girls. I found one in the toddler boys section for $5, thankfully!

I knew right away I wanted to make a bunting. It was my first one, and I think it turned out pretty good! Really hard to take a picture of though! That's Blake trying to help.

I still have to make marshmallow pops (Thanks Heidi!!) and pretzels, finish the poms, finish the cake topper, put her outfit together... Hopefully I can get it all done around school, dance & football. Wish me luck!


Kim's Treasures said...

You are going to have a beautiful party!!!! WOW!!! I wanna come!!!

I say pink base for the adorable cake topper! Oh my, is it CUTE!!!

I'm off to my girlfriends to make pompoms today, for the bridal shower,...I'm making orange, lime green and pink. Hope they turn!

Heidi said...

The little bloomers are ADORABLE!! Oh my gosh, they'll look so cute on little Morgie. :)

Love the tissue pompoms. I think I wish I had those in every single room of my house. LOL

katie jean said...

I love the pom pom's, the banner, everythin is cute!

Anny said...

Everything looks amazing so far, I love the pink base more :)

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Wow girl you Rock at this!!! I love it all!! You did an awesome job on the bunting and the cake topper love them!! and the tutu, did you make that to? It's super cute!!!

so A"MUSE"D said...

Wow that is going to be one amazing party! What a lucky little girl you have! All your decorations rock!

Carrie said...

Can't wait to see photos from the big day! Looks GREAT so far!

Carrie said...

Can't wait to see photos from the big day! Looks GREAT so far!


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