Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Banner Swap

While I missed out on the Sweet & Sinister Swap this year, Shara at Monkeybox hosted a banner swap! Everyone was assigned a different letter. I got the letter H. And this is what I came up with.

I used those cheap plastic spider rings. I cut the ring part off and then glittered them with some Martha Stewart glitter. I used orange...

And black ones.

Originally I thought I'd use a crackle finish. I have two different types of crackle mediums. One is supposed to be "one step" but it doesnt work that well. Which I forgot when I used it on these. So in my attempt to try & hurry it along, I stuck them in the microwave. And the result was this weird texture.

Kind of reminds me of spider webbing, so I think it worked out!

I have been holding on to this textured paper since I started scrapbooking 10 years ago. I hardly ever use it, but for some reason I havent gotten rid of it yet, so I thought I'd try with this. For the letters I copied a stencil.

And now for the rest of the banner. Shara did the O.

Diane did the first L.

Laura did the second L.

Shara did the O.

Aimee Suzanne did the W.

Michele did an E.

Lyn did the other E.

And Dorothy did the N. Funny how the first & last letters are pretty similar, huh?

Thanks for hosting, Shara! It was fun!


Kim's Treasures said...

Cool Swap!

Amy said...

Neato.. I'd love to participate.. and your H is rockin!

Shara said...

Glad you joined in on the fun! (I still haven't hung mine up - two dys to Halloween!)

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