Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coop Deville

Are you ready for the big reveal?

This is what we started with back in 2007 when we moved in.

Then we cleared that out and had this, the old coop. Tiny & dark.

And here it is! The "Coop Deville"!

We found this owl in one of the sheds here when we moved in. Note the "Coop Deville" sign above the door.

There is a local place that drops off fill dirt out by the pond when they need to get rid of some. A lot of the time there are pavers & bricks mixed in. Mike goes through & picks out all the good ones & brings them back down to the house. He used some of them here, walking into the coop. It's hard to get a picture of something outside without a cat in the shot. That's Chewy (Chewbaca).

Walking into the coop, there is a row of nest boxes. This chicken here is either Morgan or Layla, I can't tell unless they are next to each other.

That beast on the right is Blake the rooster. Not sure why he likes to chill in the hens' boxes, but he does. At night he likes to cram in there head first. To the right of him is either Morgan or Layla.

To the right is where the water & feed is, along with a diving wall. Mike has since built a trough, so now those stones hold a larger water dish. The wall helps keep the wind out when it's cold.

If you turn to the right when you walk in, this is what you see. Their run area. They love to pile up on that perch he built.

We had a few pumpkins leftover from our pumpkin patch, so I decided to finally toss them. They have been hanging around since September or October, I think it was about time. The chickens enjoyed them though.

And here is what we get from our lovely ladies each day. One brown, one red and one blue.

We have several roosters in the mix, but they will be leaving soon. We thought about taking them to the auction, but lately we have been thinking about butchering them to eat. No judgement please :). We've never done it, but I grew up around it. It's just something we're thinking about. Besides, it would be nice to have fresh meat & knowing where it came from is nice, too.

Some details on the coop. It's about 25x15. Probably 95% of everything used was recycled/repurposed. The only thing that Mike had to buy was some wood for the diving wall. The main sides of the coop were already standing. They were originally used for goats by the original owner of the property. The top & sides were covered in chain link that was also already here. The boards on top, the crates inside, the sheet metal & the french doors were brought home from jobs (instead of going to the landfill or scrap yard). The whole coop costs less than $40. The chickens looked very happy when they moved in. The next project is supposed to be a fort for the kids!
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Funky Junk Interiors said...

Adorable everything! Love how eclectic everything feels. And those eggs are AMAZING. I've never seen a brick coloured one before!


Pam @ bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful said...

Those look like some happy chickens and is it weird for me to comment on how pretty those eggs are?

Joani said...

Luv the coop. Would luv to have chickens but I'd have to move from here.

Joani said...

Luv the coop. Would luv to have chickens but I'd have to move from here.

Mary Joy said...

Now those eggs are gorgeous!!! I love your coop! How wonderful for your chickens!!!

Its so nice to meet you! I'm visiting from Amanda's party. Hope you have a great weekend!

Building Home with Him,

Mary Joy

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

T was wondering recently about getting some chickens (his parents have some), but our yard isn't very big. You guys have a great coop! Thanks so much for linking up to my party. I hope you'll stop by Serenity Now again soon. :)

laughwithusblog said...

Those chickens look haaaaappy! The coop looks so nice. I enjoyed your story about it!

Farmer's Wyfe said...

Ooooo, I LOVE your chicken house!! I soo want chickens again, but my husband wants to get a decent house for them first. We had some in our previous house, but our coop was such a problem and EYESORE!! I can't even explain to you what it looked like: your first rendition of your coop looked 1,000 times better!! It's fun having chickens. We butchered ours to eat as well: it was a little hard at first, but you get used to it. Of course, my husband had to do the killing; I never could do it. I tried to kill one once b/c he was lame and suffering, but, boy was that a bad idea! Great to see you enjoying chickens!! :)

Jenny in Maine said...

judgement is meant for people who kill for the 'fun of it'. That is my opinion.

The coop looks awesome!! great job!!


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