Monday, January 24, 2011


I know sometimes you hear that you can't really save money by using coupons. I've read articles that say that and I've heard people say that. But, I have been clipping coupons since I was 18 (9 years now!) and I can tell you, they are wrong. You can save a ton of money using coupons. Take a look. (sorry for the blueness! my battery was low!)

Winn Dixie
8 boxes of Mueller's pasta - $1.00 ea.
Total out of pocket - 0.00
Total saved - $13.34

2 loaves of bread - $.80 ea.
9 tubs of The GoodLife Recipe cat food - $.77 ea.
1 17.9 lb. bag of Meow Mix cat food - $9.99
Total out of pocket - $6.21
Total Saved - $15.68

1 bag Thomas Bagel Thins - $3.49
2 boxes Yoplait Yo-Plus yogurt - $2.00 + BOGO
2 bags Goldfish Crackers - $2.19 ea.
1 tub cream cheese 1.69
1 cup Yoplait yogurt - $.50
1 small pack top sirloin - $4.10
2 tubs Hillshire Farm lunchmeat - $3.34 ea.
4 bags Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese - $2.59 ea.
1 box Excedrin - $3.99
Total out of pocket - $6.32
Total saved - $34.41

Awesome, huh? So, starting Friday, I'm going to have a weekly linky party. I think I'm going to go with "Frugal Friday". We'll see. It will be a way to share your weekly savings, or any money saving tips you might have. I hope to see you there!


Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

YES YES YES, you sure can save lots of $$$ by clipping coupons! I've being doing that for over 2 years and now I don't buy nothing (or almost!) if I don't have a coupon. The printable coupons are also very helpful. I always go see if there are any coupons available before I hit the mall! I'll be back on Friday to link how I organize my coupons. Stop by when you have a sec to enter my giveaway!

Farmer's Wyfe said...

Wow!! That is really superb!! I need to use coupons more!!!
Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad I visited yours!! :)


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