Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kids Paper & Art Organization

I have been needing to do this for awhile now, and I finally decided to do it. Our bedroom is kind of the dumping ground, where things tend to do if there is nowhere else to put them. Therefore I am NOT showing the whole room, just this little bit of closet. Which is bad enough. In this picture you can see baseball bats (Mike's from back when some of his friends played in the minor leagues), Morgan's nebulizer, a Halloween decoration, tissue paper, gift bags & a box of kid papers. What I'm focusing on today is the kid paper.

Enter this lovely file tote, courtesy of the dollar store. I also used file folders we have had laying around for years. This tote has ledges for hanging file folders, but I figured I'd use what I have instead of buying special folders. Eventually I think I'll get one of these for each kid, but for now, one works.

Look how much nicer it looks!

I made a folder for each year. I labeled them Blake - K, Blake - 1, Blake - 2, etc. And I also made one with no grade, for those other drawings they made either before school, between grades, or the ones where I couldnt figure out what grade they belonged in. Included in these folders are school papers, regular drawings, awards, report cards or anything else I felt I should keep.

Look how much I managed to purge! The entire box FULL. It feels good to declutter.

And in the process, I managed to find some art I wanted to keep out. Some to go in the collage wall/ledges, and some that I have something else in mind for.

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Leanne said...

It looks great and I bet it feels so good to have all the papers organized. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.


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