Saturday, May 7, 2011

Geese Be Gone Hurricane & American Crafter

I hadn't announced it yet, but I was chosen to participate in the American Crafter competition over at Nap Time Crafters! It was my first time entering one of these, so I was very excited. But now I need your help! I have some tough competition over there. The first challenge was Trash to Treasure.

I had this hideous, 1980's goose candlestick. Complete with dusty blue paint & ruffled glass. I think there is a piece of this stuff in every thrift store in America!

But instead of donating or trashing it, I decided to try & give it a makeover. I found this piece of glass in the lighting section at the thrift store for $.25.

A bit of sunny yellow paint made quite a difference.

A little bit of E6000 and it was done! Simple, but I think it looks great.

Now it can be used as decorative storage or still as a candle. Here I put some vintage spools in it.

Or how about some mossy rocks from the Dollar Tree?

Or even paint brushes in your craft area!

Now I need your help. PLEASE visit Nap Time crafters and vote for me here. You have to choose 3 projects to vote for. Mine is #12. I know this was a fairly simple makeover compared to some, but I know I can do better & I'd love the chance to! THANK YOU!


Rachel said...

Awesome Wendy! What an improvement from the 1985 country geese! Love it with the spools of thread!

Christy Slaughter said...

I voted for you!!

Tracy Suzanne said...

That turned out totally cute! I love the yellow and wouldn't have even thought to save it because of the goose. It's perfect with the new glass shade. You smart cookie, you. I'm heading over to vote now.
Congratulations on being chosen.

Hugs...Tracy :)

P.S. Thanks for entering the swimsuit giveaway. I have so more giveaways coming up, so be sure to keep watching. Good luck!!!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Shoot, I was too late. Sorry, Wendy!


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