Monday, June 27, 2011

Been Busy!

Sorry for not being around much. It was my intention to stay up with my blogging since Christmas, and I've been doing pretty good until lately. It's been a busy few weeks. Last weekend, Blake went to a football camp put on by Max Starks from the Pittsburg Steelers. A whole group of us went so we decided to stay in Orlando for the night, even though it's only 45 minutes or so away.

Mainly because we wanted to stay at Coco Key! Photos of that in a second.

But first, check this out. We had two beds in our room, yet look where the kids ended up. Yep. In my bed!

This is one of the three pools at Coco Key. This one is more for the little kids. It's only 3 feet deep in the deep end. Then there is another (no photo) that is 5 feet deep with a bigger slide. Both of them are covered by a roof. Plus there is another pool & a hot tub in a seperate area with no roof.

The kids, especially Morgan, loved this area! There are several slides here, including some for the really little ones. The water is ankle depth and it's dripping & pouring from everywhere!

Then you have the 3 large slides. We went on all of them, but I didn't much care for the red one in the center there! Very scary! Layla loved the yellow & the blue/orange one. The red one freaked her out a little, too. And it turns out she wasn't even supposed to be on it due to her height. But she survived.

Here is my nephew & a friend chilling in water. Waiting for something...

This!! A huge bucket at the top dumps out a ton of water! The kids love it.

Here's Layla going down one of the slides in the 3 foot pool.

And Blake coming down one of the slides.

We ended our trip by visiting the World's Largest McDonalds.

It was a great weekend! And I hope to get back in to some crafting & blogging. What have you been up to lately?


Heidi said...

Ooh, that looks like fun! There's a very similar place where my parents live called Cowabunga. They have the colorful slides and two of the giant buckets! I bet one of those buckets could take your swimming suit off, LOL!

Joe, Christina, & Rocky said...

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that McDonald's as a child/teenager. Now that I'm older I prefer the "fancy" one down the street (who knew McDonald's could do fancy?) - but the one with the biggest playplace is amazing!


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