Tuesday, January 10, 2012

North Carolina Vacation - Day 1

I didn't mention it previously (something about announcing to the world we won't be in our house I guess), but we spent the last week of 2011 in North Carolina. We had been wanting to go for some time now and we finally got around to it. I think we were all ready for a vacation! This is really day two, it was pretty late when we got there Monday night. Here is Morgan, Layla and Blake on top of the hill behind where we stayed.

From the house looking down. Isn't it pretty?

There's a tiny little creek that runs between to two hills. I've always wanted a creek in my backyard!

Our first full day there was spent unpacking and getting groceries. Then we decided to go for a drive. Before long, this was our view. Holy cow! Notice how little space there is between the road and the rock wall and the road and the guard rail. At this point the ground was pretty far away.

Then suddenly, we saw a waterfall! We had no idea this was here. There were a few cars stopped in the tiny pull off area, so we kept going.

A little farther ahead there was a larger pull off, so we stopped here. It was a "good" spot to turn around, too.

Here's a shot of the view coming back down.

And a better shot of the falls. There is barely room to pull off here. This road was kind of scary for me. Lots of traffic and big trucks. They are used to this stuff - I am used to flat Florida! But it's gorgeous. I later found out this is Cullasaja Falls. The falls descend 250 feet. I'm not sure of our elevation here, but this is the last waterfall coming down and the town above is around 4,100 feet.

Heading back down the mountain. Note the sharp curve!

And again with the rock walls. Not much room for error here.

And another sharp curve! Kind of a scary drive, but it was so pretty! I wish we had known there were more falls if we had kept driving. Maybe next time! Check back for day two!

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bahama97 said...

NC Mountains are so beautiful! Love the waterfall pic :) Glad you had a great time!


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