Monday, January 16, 2012

North Carolina Vacation - Day 2

This is what we woke up to Wednesday morning! COLD! But it's better than the 80° weather we had in Florida. To me at least!

When we were driving in to North Carolina Monday night, we noticed signs for Black Rock Mountain State Park in Georgia. So we decided to head back down to Georgia to do some exploring. Turns out the mountain was closed seasonally, but we decided to keep going anyway. As we were driving along, climbing higher, I looked down and noticed white! There was snow on the ground! Not much you can see, but still - snow! Our first time (mine & the kids anway) seeing snow! We were so excited.

We had also noticed a sign mentioning a museum called Foxfire, so we thought we'd give that a try. We started to question that idea as we went down the road. And climbed higher and higher.

But we finally found it! It's called the Foxfire Museum & Heritage Center. It's a self-guided walking tour with a collection of old homes, buildings, tools, wagons and more - all preserved and collected by students.

Here's just one of the old houses. They aren't in their original places, but I love that people cared enough about the past and these old buildings to save them and move them here. The kids really enjoyed getting to see them and go inside.

And they couldn't resist touching the snow when they found piles of it.

While on the mountain we passed the Eastern Continental Divide. Pretty cool!

After we came down the mountain, we decided to do a little more exploring in the area. We were driving along and saw a sign about an old mill. Unfortunately, the road was closed, but we pulled over to try and get a photo. This was the best we could do.

But some snow on the ground called for an impromptu snowball fight!

The kids loved it! I was too busy taking photos to make a snowball. Oops!

We finished our adventures in Georgia and spent the rest of the evening riding the four wheeler...

and doing some reading by the fire.

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Jutta said...

Wow, this is beautiful! Would so love some snow, incredibly hot here...
Thanks for commenting on my blog, got me to visit you and follow you around :-). I would be honored if you would like to follow me back, no hard feelings if not.
have a lovely day


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