Thursday, March 1, 2012

Planning the Cookie Party

Morgan's 3rd birthday is quickly approaching. Like, really close. Like I really need to get my butt in gear. This year we've decided on a cookie decorating party. I was trying to decide what theme to go with, and Mike suggested food, because she loves her Dora kitchen & play food. But then I remembered how much she loved decorating cookies at Christmas time, and the idea was born. It's not a cookies & milk party, so I did not want to go with the typical pink & brown or blue & brown color combo. I wanted something fun and bright that I had not used before, so I'm going with aqua & orange.

It's so hard to find orange stuff! Aqua hasn't been too hard since Easter is coming. But I could not find any orange wrapping paper. I did grab these orange bows and aqua & orange curling ribbon at Dollar General. The candle came from Target.

These adorable aqua bowls came from Target as well. They also had pink & yellow. I got the striped baskets on clearance awhile back from Dollar General.

I plan on using these for several different treats.

The tulle and two of the fat quarters came from Joanns, the other two fabrics from Walmart. I am hoping to make her an apron to wear (I'd consider making one for all the kids, but honestly, most of the kids will be older boys and I'm pretty sure they don't care). I also need to make a banner or bunting of some sort.

I found this little foam M at Michaels. It may or may not go on the cake. Not totally sure yet. The nut cups came from Hey YoYo on Etsy. The mini muffin cups I found at Walmart and the paper straws are from Pick Your Plum.

Of course I plan on making tissue paper pom poms and I think I'm going to try and make my own fans. I found these tissue packs at Walmart, but have been unable to find any orange yet. Boo. The wrapping paper was on clearance at Target (huge clearance in the party aisle right now!) and I ordered the balloons from Amazon.

I don't really have anything made for the party yet, except the invitations, but I plan on getting a lot done quickly! More to come. :)


Tiff said...

Love the colors!! Can't wait to see it all done!!

brooke said...

I can't wait to see it all done. Colors are amazing and the supplies look like so much fun.

Karen said...

oooh, I love those 2 colors together!! Sounds like your party is gonna be great!!

Natasha in Oz said...

Those colours look amazing! I would never have thought of combining them-you have a good eye for sure! Have fun organising everything.

Best wishes,
Natasha In Oz

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I am so happy just looking at those colors - what a great party this is going to be!!

Nat and Holly said...

This party stuff is too cute!! Can't wait to see the whole thing put together... thanks for inviting me over to you blog. The cookies you made are adorable too!

cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

oooo such great colours - and such wonderful supplies. there is so much choice in the US for such things - we have not a great deal of choice down here in OZ.
at least blogs give us great inspiration from around the world!!
cheryl xox.


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