Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Updating the Living Room

I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't have enlarged these photos! As I've mentioned before, our house was built in 1962. And I don't think the kitchen or bathroom have been changed since. Unfortunately we can't do a total overhaul right now, but I'm ready to work on a room that won't take quite so much. So I'm starting with the living room. These pictures were taken right after we got back from vacation, so this was in the midst of putting Christmas stuff away, trying to find homes for new toys and my annual January "spring cleaning". We really are not slobs, I promise!

Everything is beige and green. We need color on the walls!

So far I've managed to change out our coffee table and end table, but this ugly desk remains. I really hope to find a new, smaller desk for this space.

On top of the tv... blah. But the tv is angled in the corner, so I can't lean anything against the wall.

My embroidery hoops need updating, too. And new curtains. I'm undecided on painting that cedar chest.

I've already started adding photos to this wall. I've wanted to do a gallery wall for awhile, but was afraid to start. I decided one day to just do it. And that damn gold light. Yuck.

Those couches. Ugh. They are comfy, but I do not like the green at all. I need slipcovers!

This shelf sits above that green couch.

Need to do something with those hands, too. And a new lamp and shade.

I can't wait to work on this room!


Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

I've been redoing things over the past few weeks too. The good news is, once you make a little bit of progress, it motivates you to keep going and pretty soon nothing is safe, LOL! Getting started is the hardest part!

MyChampagneTaste said...

I love your coffee table...Im looking for somethign similar to transform it as an ottoman for my living room
Thx for your sweet words glad you liked my throw pillows
Rasha @ mychampagnetaste

About me - Lynn said...

I've had gold light fixtures too-I just taped them off and spray painted them in place-it worked like a charm. Good luck with the rest of the room!!


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