Thursday, December 20, 2012

Teachers Gifts 2012

 I know this is last minute, but I thought I'd still share. If you like the idea you could always pin it & save it for next year! Blake has 3 teachers this year, Layla has one, and Morgan is in pre-k, so I needed cute teachers gifts that wouldn't be too expensive.

 I started with the cups. The two with the bands were purchased 75% off at CVS during their post-summer clearance. The three in the middle were purchased at Old Navy. They were all $1.97 or less each!

 I didn't want to just give cups, so we stuffed them with dry erase markers, Hershey's Kisses and a Walmart giftcard. That way they had something sweet, something they could use for class and a giftcard to get something they want or need.

 First we added the giftcard and some markers.

 And then filled it in with chocolate.

 Here is one all stuffed with the lid on.

 Just to make it cute, I added a washi tape flag to each straw.

To finish them off, I hung an ornament that the kids made from the straw. Then we placed them in paper bags with a card. Super simple and affordable. And of course, you can customize the colors and contents to suit your needs.

Here are four of them so you can see how they came out. The kids said the teachers really liked them!

I am glad to say that with these being done, everything is finished! All of my shopping is done, my wrapping is done and my cards are mailed. All that's left is a little bit of baking. How about you, are you ready for Christmas?

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