Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hello Kitty Party Planning

 It's that time of year again... birthday parties! Morgan's birthday was yesterday and Layla's is next month. Morgie's party is next Sunday, a week from today. And I have nothing ready. Nothing. Baseball and soccer started this week and I've been busy with school. So that mean's now I have to get everything done this week. Yikes! This is most of what I have so far, but I still need more. She LOVES Hello Kitty so it was a pretty easy decision in choosing her theme this year. 

 I'm doing pink & red as her colors, so these Valentine's M&M's were perfect. Plus the fact that I got two of them for $.09 each didn't hurt!

 The Target clearance section has been good to me this year. Everything here except the Hello Kitty rings & bracelets were 90% off post Valentine's Day. The red glittery bags will be her goody bags, I just need to Hello Kitty them up a bit. The two boxes of Valentine's I bought for their contents. The one on the left has squishy hearts and the Hello Kitty one has notepads. I'm going to take them out & put in the bags.

 These wooden Hello Kitties came from Hobby Lobby & Joann. I'm going to color them and use them somehow for decoration. 

 This wreath is another Target Valentine's clearance bargain. I'm going to make it Hello Kitty, too. And the heart picks came from the Dollar Tree.

 I raided my party stash for whatever I had that might match, and this is what I found. Not sure if it will be used or not. The gingham thing above is a table cloth.

 Even more Target clearance goodies. Tissue papers for pom poms & wrapping paper for her gifts.

Now I know these napkins don't really match the red, pink & hearts theme we have going on, but they were on clearance at Party City for $.50 each. The straws I found at Michaels, the Hello Kitties are from her collection, the plates from Target and the bone cookie cutter will become a Hello Kitty bow cookie. 

Ugh, so much to do! We have two baseball games this week and I have a big test in Anatomy Tuesday. I hope I can get it all done. 

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Rachel said...

Looks like my kind of party!

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

You always put together the neatest parties, so I can't wait to see this one! Awesome that you were able to find all that stuff on clearance. Clever!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to your little one! You managed to get some great deals on the old Valentines stock! Life sounds like it's a bit crazy (good crazy) for you at the moment (I have the same thing only it starts in October and lasts until January)... I hope it slows down a little. Moms need time, too!

Tom Den said...

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