Friday, March 15, 2013

Layla's Lego Friends Birthday

I really cannot believe it's been almost a year since Layla's 8th birthday and that I never blogged about it. Since Morgan's just passed and Layla's is next month, I thought I'd go ahead & get this out of the way.

Layla loves Lego's, so last year she requested a Lego Friends themed party. They are pretty new, so there isn't a lot of pre-made stuff available. For her invitations, I decided to make them myself. I blogged about that here.

This picture is so horrible I almost hate to post it, but it's all I managed to get. There isn't really any where else I can put our table for the party, than in front of this window. That makes pictures really hard. Those colored rectangles in the back were meant to be Lego bricks. I made them from thin sheets of foam, but it was too hard to cut the circles out. So I just pressed some circles in to the foam. You can't see it in the photo though. For some reason, these pictures didn't post well, if you click on them, they are much clearer.

Party fail. If I had gotten them finished sooner than the day of the party, I could have tried something else. Oh well I guess.

I had trouble deciding on a cake, she ended up liking the Lego bricks. I made the cake board a little too large. Oops. I used some of her Lego Friends toys to help decorate.

These are chocolate covered vanilla wafers. After they were covered & dry, I went back over each one and piped on the tops of the bricks.

These are solid chocolates made using a mold. Super easy & you can pretty much find a mold for any theme!

My second try with cake pops. I was so happy when I was dipping them and they were turning out smooth! And then they started cracking. :( So many of the tutorials I have read say to freeze them before coating. I did them the same both times but they only cracked this time. What went wrong?

The colored sticks were purchased from Cakes & Kids, Too.

The Fill-A-Bowl made an appearance again, this time filled with Lego bricks from the kids stash.

I also made minifigure head marshmallow pops. Not perfect, but I thought they were still cute.

I used pink Kool-Aid for the drink dispenser.

And we also had matching sodas.

Out on the porch, I set up a station for the kids to make Lego jewelry. I had hearts for the girls and solid rectangle pieces for the boys.

I punched out solid cardstock circles to make the goody bags look like Lego bricks.

Of course her presents from us had to match!

To keep the kids entertained they swam and played in the yard.

Layla with her cake.

And of course I had to make another version of the Rainbow Slush.

And I always pre-scoop the ice cream. It's so much faster & easier!

For fun, I dyed each cake to match the color Lego brick it was.

My kiddos enjoying their cake & ice cream.

It was a great party, I just really wish I had been able to get better photos.

Stay tuned because we just had Morgan's birthday last weekend, that should be posted soon. Plus I have several more giveaways coming, including Purex, a $25 Publix gift card, Carmex & more!

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Tina Milas said...

What a cute party!!! Loved the bags! =)

Rachel said...

I love your parties! You are so creative and think of every detail!

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

WOW. What an incredibly sweet party. I love all the lego elements you added. Really clever and well done. Truly impressive.

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

I'm so glad you posted this, because Maren's Lego Friends party is this next Saturday and I have got to get planning, STAT! Where did you find the Lego hearts for the necklaces? I was thinking of having the girls make friendship bracelets and those would be so cool.

As usual, your parties have every detail thought out! I love them!


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