Saturday, November 15, 2008

Adding to the collections

I know I haven't posted lately. I guess I've just been busy. Soccer is wrapping up, only one game left. Been working over some, too. And I know it's been a while since I posted anything vintage. None of these finds were that recent, I havent been to the thrift since before Halloween.

But when I went, I found MORE Taylor, Smith & Taylor Boutonniere!

ALL of it so far has come from the same thrift. I have 3 large plates, 4cups, 2 saucers & 2 small plates so far. I also found this Pyrex mug at the Catholic Thrift.

On the last trip to the Catholic Thrift, I found an addition to the wooden-handled utensil collection. I was told this is a knife sharpener. It's also the first piece I've found with a yellow handle. I think all of my other stuff is red.

I also found another piece of matte white pottery. I don't have nearly as much as some of you bloggers out there, but I'm catching up as I find it! This is such an odd shaped piece to me. But I just love the aqua color inside! It's Haeger.

Things have been going pretty good though. I am about 23 weeks along now. Finally starting to show instead of just looking fat! But I can still wear some of my regular clothes. I'm slowly transitioning into maternity clothes. My house is clean and I am relaxing right now. I have been putting off mixing up dough for some non-edible gingerbread ornaments, and I am running out of time! I made them for the soccer team last year and am planning on doing it for both teams this year. I better get busy!
Anyway, have a great weekend!

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please sir said...

Oh love the collection - so pretty!


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