Saturday, January 17, 2009

Around the "Farm"

Even though it's January, you can still find things sprouting up and blooming around our yard. We ripped out the Zinnia's quite a while ago, yet I have found several new ones popping up in the flower bed. So far, three have bloomed.

Remember the vintage claw foot tub I posted awhile back, with the flowers in it? I figured by now we would have a bunch of dead annuals, but they seem to be holding up pretty well. I admit, this isnt looking so nice anymore, I need to pull out that overgrown thing in the front. But these guys are still going strong.

I know it's pretty cold for the whole country right now, and we arent being left out. They have been threatening freezes almost every night, so I figured I would take these photos before it happened. Thats why they seem so dark. We don't really have an actual compost pile, but we have been dumping vegetable & plant scraps out where we put our garden, to till up later on. Several pumpkin plants have since sprouted up. But as you can see, the cold has already gotten to them.

We also found two onions coming up.

It's defiantly been awhile since I posted any unusual egg findings. Well, when Mike came in with yesterdays bounty, I knew I had to share. This is what he found:

Another pretty large brown egg, a blue egg and this little tiny thing! I have to wonder if there is even a yolk in there, but I haven't cracked it. It's been a long time since we got any double-yolkers, and only that one time that we got a triple. I'll let you know what I find!

I hope you have a great week. My next post will be about the kittens!

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