Friday, January 30, 2009

Quick Project

Awhile back I made Layla a tack board out of a mirror the kitty had broken. You can see that
here. Then plan was to make one for Blake also, I just needed to find a frame that was the right size. The project had kind of been put on the backburner and forgotten about. Until a couple weeks ago, I stopped by Target to do the baby registry. I saw these corkboards in the dollar spot for $2.50. So I figured, why not? The cork was pretty thin, but it works. I had bought the fabric when we moved in this house, intending to make curtains for his room. Never got around to that, either.

All it took was some black paint, spray adhesive & that fabric, and we have this!

Of course, we couldnt have plain old tacks either. So a trip to Michael's left us with these soccer buttons, and I had the flat tacks leftover from Layla's project. They don't really stand out, but he likes them.

What kind of projects have you finished up lately?

Oh, and a quick kitty update. We are down to four now. Mike's sister took Fluff Ball (now Willy) and his mom took Pepsi. Every night the four of them pile up in our bed with us. But I think we have annoyed, Pea, she has taken to sleeping in Layla's bed.

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please sir said...

Oh so neat - I'm sure she loves it!!


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