Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Finds

I still haven't actually gone yardsaling, but I have been itching to go to the thrift lately. The plan today was to donate a trunk full of stuff to the catholic thrift and take a look around. But for some reason they were closed today. Then I remembered there was a big yard sale going on next to another store we like, the Scrounge Around shop. So I figured, why not? I'm glad we did, I think I found some good stuff!

Like these butterprint Pyrex refrigerator dishes!

This apothecary jar was only $1. You can always find a use for these things.

Another old doorknob for my small collection.

Mike always says I never get him anything when I go yardsaling. Well, I saw this next to the old doorknob and decided to pick it up for him. It's an old planer.

This shot is a little blurry but I didnt feel like redoing it. An old strainer that matches a lot of the other red handled stuff I have.

I also picked up this old dictionary. It's not super old (1946) but I like it and it's a good size. I figured I can use it to stack underneath other stuff.

Now for something I didnt expect to find. We went to leave this morning and for some reason I looked down at the floor near the screen door. I saw something moving so I got closer. That's when I realized it was a snake. This one was pretty small, I dont know if it was even 6 inches. He was all black except for that orange-ish mark around his neck. And his belly was the same color. This is the third snake to be in part of the house. We've had one previously on the porch and another one actually INSIDE the house. Luckally I found it and not Mike. He isnt much of a fan.

So have you found anything good lately?


Heidi said...

I'm jealous that you have yard sales all year round! I did see a moving sale sign this morning but it was about 30 degrees out so I didn't stop. I'm guessing they packed up since it's snowing like crazy right now!

We went to the nice, warm thrift instead. :) Found a great pair of vintage earrings to use in my artwork, a cool ring for my etsy shop, a vintage tablecloth and a nice old quilt. Not a gorgeous vintage one like I see people find, but I like it and the price was right!

I like the butterprint dishes. I think those little things are so handy! Love the old book too!

please sir said...

Oh yay for your wonderful finds! LOVE the dishes!

Kim's Treasures said...

Great finds! I have had the thrifting itch too, I need to get out there.

Happy New Year!

Sarah and Jack said...

I had a snake like that living in my backyard in Florida. I was not fond of the little bugger, but we had huge fruit rats, so I guess it wasn't a bad trade off. LOL


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