Saturday, February 21, 2009

What to do?

Several months ago, Mike's mom picked up a china cabinet from a yardsale for us. It wasnt our style, so his neice took it. But we took the china that it was full of. This is what's left.

This is all in the cabinets in our "outside" bathroom. It's not really OUTSIDE, it's just out of the main living space, off of the porch. Our extra fridge, washer & dryer are also out here. The plan was, to move my scrapbooking stuff out of the bedroom, and into these cabinets. Right now, it's all crammed into a tall bookshelf next to our bed, and I am just tired of looking at it. The problem is, the cabinets outside are full of these dishes. So now I have to decide what to do with them.

I do like them, don't get me wrong. But do I need them? No. I know I don't. I have the other two patterns I am trying to collect, Taylor, Smith & Taylor Boutonniere and Temporama. Plus all the other Pyrex, Fire King and so on. So I'm torn. What should I do? Keep them? Keep the pieces I want and split up the sets? Sell as sets? Sell as seperate pieces? Craiglist, Ebay, Etsy? I worry about trying to ship these if I go the Ebay or Etsy route. What would you do?

Let me show you a couple close-ups. There are two patterns & brands. The creamer on the left says "Noritake China Bluebell 5558 Japan" on the bottom.

The sugar dish(?) and platter say "Harmony House Mary 3835 Japan" on the bottom. There is nothing on them except the strips of silver.

For the Bluebell I have:
4 teacups
sugar dish(?)
6 plate type things (I don't know what to call them, there is a picture below).

For the Mary pattern I have:
large bowl
sugar dish(?)
gravy boat
7 teacups
8 saucers (5.5 in. across)
8 plates (7.5 in. across)
7 plates (10 in. across)
8 bowls (almost 6.5 in. across)

(Here is the photo of those "plates")

So, if you don't mind, let me know what you think I should do with these! :)


Heidi said...

I think first I would try Craigslist. That way you wouldn't have to worry about shipping them and it's free to list them! You might want to check to see what those last Bluebell plates are called. I would keep them together by pattern, I think. Another idea is to offer on eBay just the big serving pieces for the Mary set since those seem to be harder for people to find. I don't think cups/saucers sell very well because people just don't use them anymore. I know that I've never once used mine! LOL

Good luck! I have 2 sets of demitasse cups that I was given that have been in my basement for years now, because I can't figure out what to do with them! I think maybe I just need to donate them to a thrift and call it good!

Vintage Hunter said...

I would definitely sell them if you aren't in love with them. I held onto so many dishes that I didn't absolutely love for so long thinking one day I'd use them or do something with them. Never did! They sat around taking up tons of space never being used. I ditto Heidi and say start with Craigslist.


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