Saturday, March 21, 2009

"New" Goodies

Blake spent the day at Disney's Animal Kingdom with his aunt & uncle, so this morning, Mike, Morgan, Layla & I decided to head over to this community yard sale that was going on. Didnt really find much though. Hopefully some of those frames in that stack with become framed button monograms. I listed one on Etsy, so we'll see how that goes.

I found this little Atlas jar. I've never seen one with a shamrock on it.

Anyone that lives near a Publix has seen the Thanksgiving commercials with the little Pilgrim salt & pepper shakers. I have the Pilgrims, the "Lilgrims" (kids) and for Christmas, a set of snowmen. I have never seen the Santa & Mrs. Claus though, so we picked these up.

Blake has been playing the Wii at his aunts lately (we dont seem to use ours much!) and has really taken a liking to the golf on Wii Sports. He mentioned the other day wanting to play. So of course, since this sale was in a 55+ community, there were lots of golf clubs & balls. So Blake is now the owner (I'd say proud, but he doesnt know yet) of two golf clubs....

And 23 golf balls. There was 24, but Daddy wanted to give it a try when we got home and lost the neon yellow one in the pond.

The rest of the day has been pretty quiet. Mike is taking a nap. A friend stopped over after work to visit and Layla has been playing pretty good. Now the fun starts, trying to get her to pick up her "fun".

But I thought I would share a few new additions that I hadnt gotten around to sharing. I found this Floraline planter at the thrift store.

Mike's mom got this Pyrex dish from someone she knows, and she passed it along to me.

Mike's dad brought this metal table home from work for me. I guess they had it out by a bench, and when the bench fell apart, they got rid of the table, too.

I guess one day we need to give all of this a new paint job. As much as I like this color blue, they have some rusty spots & I dont want them to get worse.

Thats it for now! Not a lot of junking going on these days, but that's okay. :) Oh, and I made a new blog banner, too. The photo is of our orange tree. It's FULL of blooms, and the yard smells amazing! Hope you found something good this weekend as well!


Sarah and Jack said...

Oh man, I miss the smell of orange blossoms so freaking much. There is nothing like that perfumey smell when the air is heavy with humidity.

Jenny said...

ohmy gosh!! you had the baby already!!!! seemed like just yesterday you announced you were pregnant. Congratulations!!


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