Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why I Rarely Scrapbook... & Some Free Fun

No, not because of Possum up there, I just thought he was adorable all stretched out. But THIS is why:

Looks like any other scrapper, right? Or crafter even? It would be great if when I was done I could just walk away and leave that sitting on the desk... except it's my living room! I never thought we would ever need 5 bedrooms, but now that there are 5 of us in a tiny, 1200+ square foot, 3 bedroom house, 5 rooms would be FANTASTIC! But since that isnt happening, I scrap in the living room. So all this has to be picked up every time I drag it all out. Sometimes it just isnt worth all the trouble.

To my right:

To my left:

But I'm pretty happy with the end result:

For the weekend fun... this morning we ran to the party store to get supplies for Layla's Luau. I had a coupon for 30% off your purchase that I didnt want to let go to waste. We ended up saving almost $40! But when we stopped at the bank, we noticed that the shopping plaza they just built next door was having a Grand Opening. Funny, because there is only one tenant right now. But they were celebrating anyway. They had a sign that said something about holding a live alligator. So after the party store, we decided to stop by. Layla was all gung-ho until it came down to it. She chickened out, but Blake decided to go ahead.

He was so excited to call Daddy and tell him!
So how was your Saturday?

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Anonymous said...

hey chick! swap is up hope to see ya join! couldnt wait to post it! haha big mermaid hugs



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