Friday, April 2, 2010

Some Great Finds!

Another old posts, lots of great finds!

I know I have been slacking in the vintage department lately. I haven't been yardsaling in ages and trips to the thrift are here and there. The few yardsales I have stopped at have been mostly junk (not the good kind) and I haven't actually planned a day to go. But I was off yesterday, and after dropping Blake off at school, I spotted a yard sale sign. I figured, why not? That's where I found these blue Mason jars. I can't pass these things up if they are a good price!

I also found this little mama hen. She's missing a little bit of paint here, but I think she's cute anyway.

Thursday night, we found a place near us that has a thrift store & auctions. They said it's a thrift store Thursday-Saturday, and then every other Thursday they hold auctions. I found this Fire King bowl for $.25 in the thrift area. Blake scored a pretty good deal in the auction. A Nintendo DS (not the Lite, the older model) for $30. And this little clay bowl (?) I dug out of the backyard yesterday. It was in the same area that I found the McCoy & Regal pieces. It's terra cotta, but an odd shape to me. I've never seen one like this. And it has a little hole in the center.

Yesterday I also had to take some things to donate to the St. Anthony's (the catholic thrift). It had been awhile since I had stopped by, so I decided to take a look. I haven't really been posting prices, but I coudln't pass these up at $.10 for the Pyrex & $.05 for the Corelle! Sometimes I feel bad paying so little, but I also donate a lot here, so I guess it equals out, right?

I have passed up this plate at two different thrift shops (St. Anthony's & another). I happened to notice in Flickr that this pattern seems to be fairly popular, so for $.10, I decided, why not? If I decide I don't want it, I figured I could use it in a giveaway or swap. The maker is Marcrest and the pattern is calling Swiss Chalet or Alpine.

Last week, we had a silent auction at work. I didn't really think to check out the goods, but afterwards, one of the nurse's came up to me with these salt & pepper shakers. She wanted me to look them up. Then she told me to take them since she had gotten four for $1, and didn't need all four. The bottom says Federal Housewares.

Also from the auction, Mike bid on this box of frames. I wasn't expecting that, but I am always getting frames from the thrift for various projects, and most of these look like I can redo them without too much trouble.

Back to St. Anthony's... I saw this vintage-looking fabric rolled up near the Christmas stuff. At first I thought apron(!?) or tablecloth (!?), but no, they are curtains. I still think they are great! And they are in great shape so they defiantly can be repurposed. I have LARGE windows so they won't be able to serve their original purpose. There was one of this pattern in a very long valance and a curtain.

And then there were two of these much smaller valances. If you look, this matches the background pattern in the other fabric.

And for my favorite find? QUILTS! Two of them! My first ever! These came from the place that has the auctions. I was walking around inside and didn't really expect to find anything. The inside was mostly furniture with some clothes, electronics, porcelain dolls, etc. But then I saw these peeking out. As I searched for a price tag, I was expecting the worse. But when I saw the $4 price tag on both of them, I had to have them! I just love this orange and brown one. But when I got home and unfolded them, I found these two holes. It almost broke my heart! LOL. This one is big enough to fit our queen bed, but these holes... Other than this they are pretty stain-free and could just use a nice cleaning. I don't think I have the heart to cut this, can anthing be done to save it?

Here are close-ups of the tears.

The other quilt has no holes thankfully! And it's also in pretty good shape, just needs to be cleaned. (Sorry some of the pictures are kind of washed out, I had them stretched out in the sun)

The only issue with this one, is some of the edges are a little thin with a few small holes worn in them.

Here is a shot of some of the patterned fabric, check out the little violins!

I appreciate any help with the quilts. If you need any other shots Sarah, let me know! THANK YOU!!


roseylittlethings said...

great finds! Love the pink quilt! don't put it in your washer, soak it in your tub, or it willl shread... yes I have made that mistake:(

Heidi said...

I never pass up those blue jars either! Which is good, because now my future sis-in-law wants to use them at her wedding reception! :)

LOVE that pink quilt! Super find!!

Rebecca said...

I always pick up those blue jars, too! And totally would have rescued the quilts as well. Sarah will be able to help you with the mending, she advised me!


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