Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rainbow Birthday Invitations

On February 2, I realized that Morgan would be turning 2 in exactly one month. And that holy crap, I hadn't even started planning her birthday! I'm still working out the details & plans, but I knew I had to get the invitations done first. Last year I went with a bird theme, this year her party is going to have a rainbow theme. So I hit Etsy. I came across this lovely art by a shop called Art By Erin Leigh. This print was the inspiration for my invitations.

I don't have Word or Photoshop or any of those, so I typed the wording up in Microsoft Works. Each line is a different color. The last two are indigo & violet.

After printing, I cut them slightly smaller so I could better tell where to put the rainbows. Every piece of the rainbow was cut freehand from Bazzill cardstock.

After they were all attached & dry (I was worried they would move if I didn't wait), I trimmed them up using my paper trimmer.

And then matted them on more Bazzill.

I'm pretty happy with them!

Now, on to the rest of the planning & prep. I've got some ideas in my head, I need to get everything down on paper I guess so I can see what I've got going. But I think I need some help on activities to keep them busy. MOST of the kids at the party will be boys from ages 4-10. The only girls that I know of will be Layla (6), Morgan & another almost 3 year old. Most of the ideas I find are kind of girly. Any suggestions?
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Stephanie Smith said...

These are really cute. Came over here by way of Someday Crafts.

Ani said...

These are so cute! I love how bold the colors are!

As far as ideas, you could do musical chairs with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" You could do bean bag games with rainbow colored bean bags, you could do a rainbow of cupcakes, a scavenger hunt where the kids have to find something from each color of the rainbow... I hope this helps. I enjoy thinking of things like this.

Erin Butson said...

Wow!So happy to inspire. These invitations are adorable. Happy partying.

Heidi said...

I love the idea of a rainbow party! Maybe I'll throw myself one this year, since Maren has her heart set on Scooby-Doo. LOL The invites are great!

I don't know if you read the blog One Charming Party, but a while ago they did an art party that had lots of rainbow ideas that might work for you.

April said...

A blog that I read that had some rainbow ideas is Pink and Green Mama

sweet & lovely crafts said...

Those invites are fantastic. We're having a rainbow party for my daughter too (she's turning 3). Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Nerd Mama said...

How cute! Luckily my little one's next birthday isn't until November, but I'm already worried about what the theme will be. Last year we did monkeys because it was her favorite thing. So far this year, her favorite thing is still monkeys! I will remember how cute these rainbows are, though.

Jennifer said...

These are super SUPER cute! ohmygosh! I like the ones you made even better than the etsy ones!

Enjoy the football game! Have a great weekend!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Melissa said...

These look great! I especially love the bold colors.

I make cards, but I don't think I've ever made invitations.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

claudia b said...

Those are SO cute! Great idea!

Thanks for your kind comment and visiting my blog!

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

They turned out super cute! Love the Rainbow Party Theme. Last year at my nieces b-day party they each got a ceramic piggy bank (got them at Michaels w/coupons) and they had to color them and bring home. Those were the party favors at the end, they all had fun with that activity!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Those are adorable!! I love your theme idea...those invites would work for a Wizard of Oz theme too. :) Very cute, and I'm so impressed that you hand-cut the rainbows. :)

Thanks so much for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. :)

FrouFrouBritches said...

Those are precious! You did a great job! Love that print too. so cute!

Alexis said...

LOVE the invitations! You did a fantastic job, the free hand rainbow is a great touch.

Danya said...

How cute are these! Thanks for posting! What a great idea! :)

Kristina said...

We are having a rainbow party for our soon to be 4 year old on March 5th! Too funny! You've inspired me to post some of my party plans. I won't post too much before hand since all the attendees read my blog. But we will be letting the kids decorate their own cupcakes with lots of rainbowed colored topping (small gumdrops, m&ms, sprinkles), making fruit loop necklaces, and the rainbow noodle catchers on pink & green mama. I figure the boys can make anything if they don't want to make it into a rainbow. Can't wait to see what else you come up with1

Megan said...

what a great idea. I love rainbows.

Megan said...

so cute! happy early birthday to morgan. Mine is the day after hers. :)

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

These are adorable! I think I have my daughter convinced to do a rainbow party for her next birthday--which isn't until December. I love the simplicity of these.

~ Sarah


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