Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thift Store & Yard Sale Finds

Thursday, my friend & I decided to go to this little thrift store down the road from work, during our lunch break. We had been once before, and had wanted to go back. Well, we were pleased to find that everything in the store was 50% off! Unfortunately, it's because they are losing their building (they're a charity thrift) and are trying to clear everything out. The 50% off is going to continue until the end of the month.

I picked up this Ball jar for $.25, the old sifter for $1, and the books for $.50 each. I got Little Women & one called The Water Babies, both from the 50's. The Water Babies is full of fairy tales. And then The Secret Garden is from the 80's, but I like that book. Not pictured it two clear glass teacups I got for $.25 for BOTH. They are at work holding paper clips & tacks.

This morning, my friend, mother-in-law, my son & I headed out to see what we could find. The original goal was to hit an estate sale & then head to our favorite antique store for the yard sale they were having. At the estate sale I got this spice rack. I took the jars out, cleaned them out and will probably use them to hold scrapbooking stuff. I'm not sure yet where the house is going to go, but I thought it was cute.

The estate sale was held in at least a 100 year old house. I have a soft spot for old houses. My dream house would be an old, two story house. This one was pretty small, but I still liked it. It still had the old glass doorknobs & skeleton key locks. They weren't exactly sure how old it was, but the one a few houses down was built in 1907, and this one was already there.

From there, we went to the antique store's sale. It wasn't as great as we thought it would be. One vendor had some tables set up outside and had her stuff 50% off. I picked up a yellow Pyrex bowl. I could have got another in the same size, in green for $10 for the pair, but I only got this one. It was normally $12.50, but I got it for $6. My first colored Pyrex!

We went to some more yard sales after that, but it was pretty much a bust. All we really found was clothes, toys & various other junk.

After my mother in law left, my friend & I ran down to the Missing Children's thrift we had been wanting to go to. More Pyrex! And I really liked this pumpkin dish. I doubt it's old, but its cute.

And here is a close-up of inside the pumpkin pie plate.

I think we definitely did better last week, but I am happy with what I found!


Jenny said...

Wendy, GREAT finds!! LOVE the house in particular!! Don't you just love 'antiquing'!!

Hugs girlie!!
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bren said...

Wendy... Please tell which thrift store did you go to? I don't know if you looked back, but i posted on one of your earlier post asking if you could recommend any good thrift stores in south Lakeland. i live in south east polk county, but I am planning to go to Lakeland on Monday and wanted to hit some of the thrift stores while I am there. I would definetly be interested in one that is 50% off!!!

Love your finds. I like the colored pyrex dishes. I tried going to some yard sales, but didn't find many and what I did find really didn't have anything good. like you said alot of clothes and toys.

bren said...


Thank you very much for the information. I may not make it to the one on 98 but will definetly try to find the second hand rose and helping hands store Monday. It really doesn't seem like it is that far, but I don't get to Lakeland very often unless it is related to work. So when I do it is a treat. I was planning on going ot the Goodwill store there and see if they have anything good.

Paxil Princess said...

Oh Wendy, those are beautiful finds! I also love the pumpkin dish. The old spice rack will look great with scrapbook stuff in it.

Katrina said...

I love that little house, that is just cute! That pumpkin pie dish is pretty cool too.

bren said...

Thank you for the tips on thrift stores. I went to the one with 50% off and found a couple of fall decorations, and went to the Hospice one and found 2 glasses. I didn't make it to the antique store though maybe next time.

Thnaks again

Andi said...

Great idea on using the spice rack for scrapbook things!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I want to comment on the pumpken pie plate! It is vintage, it's either 70's or 80's, I know this because I was born in 75, and I have the same pie plate that belonged to my grandmother! Only problem, is my top fell and broke a month ago, and I am on the hunt for a replacement!!!


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