Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back to School

Blake is starting Kindergarten this year. It's hard to believe it's that time already. Time passes too quickly. If his birthday had been 3 weeks sooner, he would have started last year.

We have been getting things here and there, as they go on sale. Two or three weeks ago, Staples had a good sale. Pencils, folders, pencil sharpeners & binders for $.01. And we found him some polo shirts on clearance at Wal-Mart.

Well today, his grandmother, aunt, cousins, him, Layla & I went shopping for some more stuff. Blake is officially ready for school. All we need still is one more school shirt, and I have to get that from the school. They have to wear uniforms. I don't really care for uniforms, but what can ya do. They have to wear denim or kakhi shorts/pants and either the school's t-shirt, or solid red, white or navy polo shirts. And on Fridays they can wear a flag shirt that the school sells. Layla suckered Nonnie into a new backpack and new shoes as well. But we got an awesome deal on her shoes! She got a pair of Etnie's that were normally $49.99 for $12.49! This is what they look like, except the E's light up on hers.

Normally the kids here have to buy all kinds of things for school. Ziploc bags, paper plates, copy paper, 20 glue sticks, cotton balls... But this year, all they say they need is 6 folders, 300 sheets of notebook paper, 2 gluesticks, 2 notebooks & pencils. What is on your children's school supply lists this year?


Katrina said...

It's amazing how quickly they grow up.

My children get all their stationary through the school so the only things we had to buy was the 3 different uniforms that they wear.

bren said...

Wendy The school board has limited the schools in what they can require the parents to provide for students. From what I understand the school board gave schools a list of what they could ask parents to provide and the schools are suppose to provide the rest. I chose to pull my son out of public school a few years ago, but I know what I had to buy him for Kindergarten, first and second grade was a lot. I think for kindergarten we carried in 2 paper grocery bags of supplies. I still have to provide him with a lot for private school, but he has reused his pencil box and such this will be the third year. I don't think his stuff has gotten lost and abused as much.

FYI I don't know what schools you are zoned for and you may already know this, but each school is assigned a school health nurse through the health dept. Some of us have 15 schools or so and are not there everyday, but if you have any questions or concerns regarding health issues, see you clinic nurse/health contact and they can put you in touch with the nurse for that school. I have all schools on the east side of the county and find that often times parents don't know how is looking out for the health of their children during school. I didn't until I got in this position. I knew the health contact in the clinic but had no idea that there was a nurse assigned to the school for medical issues. Any way thought I would let you know.
Have a great week and hope you son enjoys kindergarten.

bahama97 said...

Kindergarten already? Time is flying! I'm not sure exactly what we'll have to get...probably all the usual stuff like you mentioned. The teacher usually asks for kleenex, hand sanitizer & ziploc bags. Thank goodness that the high school doesn't ask for all that stuff too. It can get expensive.

so A"MUSE"D said...

We don't need any paper products... sometimes the teacher does ask for Kleenex well in Kindy they did who knows about first grade....


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