Sunday, July 15, 2007

Treasure Hunting

Saturday morning we went yard-saling. Or treasure hunting as the kids called it. My car was the ship, and I was the captain. My friend went with us. I think we got some pretty good stuff!

I'm not used to adding pictures yet, so they aren't in exactly the order I wanted. Below is a tiny Mason jar, 3 old magnents and two Fireking cups & saucers. I don't know yet what I am going to do with those, but I loved them and I will figure it out later, lol.

This isnt from the yard sales, but my MIL brought it home for us from their home town of Olean, NY. This makes my second Pepsi crate.

Below is a Pyrex baking dish, a vintage pillow case and the Mason jar, magnents & Fireking again. This makes my third piece of Pyrex. I have a yellow casserole dish, and a clear glass mixing bowl (?). I also have two newer pieces that I bought at the store, but I dont count those, lol. I didnt notice that the pillowcase was yellowed until I got home. I will have to figure out what I can do with it. Any suggestions?

The Disney book is from the 70's, and the fish book from the 50's. Then I have a stack of vintage valentine's & cards, and a box of vintage Children's birthday cards, each .50. The apple plate and apple Blake bought for his Nonnie. Her kitchen is done in apples and at every sale we went to he was on the lookout for apple stuff. I figured I could repaint the apple.

Finally, a Shish-Kabob set, yellow bucket and two Corning Ware racks. The racks were in a box marked free. Cant get much better than that!


Sarah and Jack said...

In your blogger create post window you can click "edit HTML" then cut and paste the codes for the photos into the order you want them to be in. You can check the order by clicking on "preview", then going back to the "edit HTML" window.

We used to live in Florida, near Clearwater, the treasure hunting is AWESOME there!

Paxil Princess said...

Your treasures are wonderful,Wendy!
I wish I had time to hit the yard sales and flea markets like I use to.
I also love Pyrex and have many pieces I either found at flea markets or were passed down from family.
Im not sure what you could do with the yellow pillowcase...maybe throw it over the back of a chair like a doilie??

Anonymous said...

I love going treasure hunting too, it's so fun and you never know what kind of treasure you will find that's what makes it so fun. I do know when your looking for something in particular you never are able to find it. I have been looking for one of those old, metal gliders for my front porch for years and I ask everyone if they have one for sale, a few years ago my neighbor was have a garage sale and I asked her if she had a glider for sale, she said "nope" so I went on down the block to another garage sale and as I returned home I saw to my surprise someone loading an old metal antique glider into a truck at my neighbor's house so I asked him "where did you get that glider"? and he replied "from your neighbor. So, I asked my neigbor, "Hey, I thought you didn't have a glider for sale"? and she said "after you mentioned the glider I thought we never use that old metal glider so we should sell it and they did for $5. I almost cried I was so heartbroken, needless to say I am still looking for one to adorn my front porch and I have been to countless garage sales and have seen people carrying them to their trucks and I am always a few minutes too late to get one. It's just not meant to be for me yet.
Good luck with the treasure hunting. Bren

wow, those are fantastic. How nice they let you have first dibs on everything. They are going to look so nice in your kitchen.
Enjoyed your blog.


bren said...

Wendy.. I have heard of people soaking vintage fabrics/pillowcases in Oxi Clean to get the yellow out. I haven't tried it but it would be worth the try. You have some really nice finds. I am in the far south eastern part of Polk county and plan to go to Lakeland next week looking for thrift shops. Any suggestions? Preferably in the Southern section of Lakeland.

bahama97 said...

Wow! You got some great goodies! I used to go yard-saling but haven't in many years. Something I should do before summer is over :)


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