Saturday, June 13, 2009


Nope, just a poor pumpkin that came off the vine too quickly.

I'm too embarassed to show the garden as a whole, but it seems to be doing pretty good! Its SO hard to keep the weeds & grass out. How do you do it? I would have to be out there every day weeding to keep it clear. I guess after this season we'll have to do some research on how to keep it clear. Even with all the junk in it, its doing good. Maybe dumping all our veggie, fruit & yard scraps there helped. We dont actually have a compost pile, we just kind of throw it out there.

We decided to try black eyed peas this year. The kids & Mike have never had them, and I've never cooked them. I'll have to ask his his dad how he cooks them, he makes them so good!

Here is the largest one we have. Turning pretty orange already. You can kind of see that there isnt much plant left.

Here's a wider angle. I noticed today that the stem isnt as firm as it was, in fact, it's very week. Should we pick it soon?

Here is the other one growing on the same vine.

This is to the left of these, the only part of the plant that looks good.

It turns out those smaller ones are pumpkins. I think there are about 6 of them. Here are a couple.

Last year we tried planting watermelons. They would all get several inches around and then crack open. This year we didnt plant them, but they popped up all over anyway. Several vines have popped up, but only one melon so far, and its doing great! **knocks on wood**

Our corn also seems to be doing pretty good so far!

Unfortunatly, that pumpkin in the first photo didnt make it. I found it already off the vine, and the back looks like this:

Have a great weekend!


so A"MUSE"D said...

Wendy if the pumpkin vine is drying out then pick the pumpkin it won't grow anymore once it's started to turn and if the vine rots then the pumpkin might too...

Congrats though your garden looks great! said...

Poor little pumpkin!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

We just had the best corn on the cob.....YUMMM> great garden! Love your garage sale finds....especially the metal tool caddy....that would be cute with kitchen towels tucked in it or fake eggs....I wouldn't give it to my dh...rofl. cherry

Grace@PoeticHome said...

Wow! Seeing pumpkins growing in the summer makes me quite happy. It looks like your garden is growing quite well Wendy!

melissa said...

Yay for your garden! We have a ton of weeds too, but I've assigned the kids each a couple of rows to weed this summer...we'll see how that all goes :)


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