Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Finds

My favorite thrift store (the Catholic thrift) sent a card in the mail the beginning of this week, advertising a yardsale this weekend. I havent been yardsaling in awhile, so I decided we would stop by. Unfortunatly, I didnt find much. They had some stuff outside, that's where I found the frame above (ignore the ugliness inside!). There were a couple tables set up outside and the kids found some books. We went inside, but it's a very small building and there were just too many people inside to try and keep track of 2 kids and carry a carseat. The only other thing I got there was the blue & brown cloth things you see above.

So we stopped at another church sale we saw. Nothing exciting there at all. And came upon a yardsale and decided to stop. I found this yellow potato masher. I have two red ones, but this is the first yellow one I've found.

My favorite thing I think, are these birds! I just pray the cats & kids dont break them.

I picked up this metal tool tray for Mike.

And this neat metal stool.

Now for the cloth things. They had them with the placemats, but they dont really look like placemats to me. There are four of them. I liked the fabric, thats why I grabbed them for $.25. Any ideas what they are?

And just cause she's cute, a photo of Morgan from today! She's a little over 3 months old already. Can you believe it?!

Off topic, my house is clean, my coupons & grocery list are ready for tomorrow, and maybe I can convince Mike to take a look at my sewing machine. If not, I guess I'll just have a relaxing Saturday night. Have a great Sunday!


roseylittlethings said...

Wow, you got a lot done! I am impressed! Love all the finds!!

Kim's Treasures said...

Morgan is soooo cute! Love that happy smile!

That really is a cool stool!!! Love it!

Have a great Sunday!

Kim said...

Wow great stuff. You got a ton done wish I could too lol . That is one super cute baby :)

so A"MUSE"D said...

Great finds.. those birds are fantastic... and Morgan is such a sweetie!

Shara said...

I think those are placemats for a round table. Love the birds! And the baby!

Vintage Hunter said...

I love that stool! And Morgan is definitely a cutie.

Suz said...

I think I've seen a blogger that has taken pictures in various places with birds like that ... some pics in the garden, some on the porch, just random places like they were going on an adventure. Just seeing them reminded me of it :)

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Great finds! Of course the cutest picture was the last one, so sweet!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Great finds! Of course the cutest picture was the last one, so sweet!

Sarah and Jack said...

Placemats = round table!


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