Saturday, February 4, 2012

Football Birthday Party - Last Minute Superbowl Ideas

Are you ready for the Superbowl? I know it's tomorrow, so there isn't much time left, but I thought I'd do a quick repost of Blake's football birthday. Just incase you need some last minute, football themed ideas!

We celebrated Blake's 10th birthday on 9/25. The boys had a blast! He chose a football theme again this year, but instead of one team like last year, he wanted all teams. They do sell team specific party supplies, but that would have been way too expensive, so we chose brown & green for the colors.

Thankfully his birthday matches up with the start of football season, because we found several types of football themed food. Like these football Ritz crackers. I picked up the football plate on clearance for $.50 at Joann's awhile back.

I found these brown & white candy sticks at Party City. But we could have skipped these, none of the kids ate any.

A couple of bags of football Oreos turned in to chocolate covered football Oreos. My piping is far from perfect, but everyone loved these!

I also made little chocolate footballs. These went pretty fast too.

I found a big tub of football pretzels at Walmart.

And of course we had chips to snack on. I found these bowls at the Dollar Tree.

Mike and Blake made these goal posts on the table. They are made from PVC and Blake got to do the spray painting. Thankfully we had that bright yellow left over from Layla's birthday.

We thought about doing a football field for the cake, but in the end I decided on cupcakes instead. I figured it would be easier and a better way to get more teams represented. The images I used on the cupcake toppers came from Designer Graphics and the brown cupcake liners came from Caroline92101.

I found the fringed streamer on clearance for $.25 at Party City. This table was for the pizza when it arrived.

I found the two small footballs at the thrift store for $.25 each. I never thought I'd actually buy can koozies! The big football in the middle is a bank, I just took the end off. The green & white straws came from Big Al's Collectibles & More. I thought about paper straws, but these were way cheaper & the boys don't care anyway!

We made this chip stadium out of cardboard & aluminum foil. It was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. Yea, theirs is better, but also huge and I'm happy with ours.

This didn't get used, but I'm showing it anyway. Most of the boys play football together, so we set up what equipment we had in an obstacle course, much like they use sometimes at practice or camp. We had the cones (not shown) and a ladder...


And even a tackling dummy.

But the reason those ended up not being used was Mike painted a football field! The boys were literally out there all day. We had to drag them back in for cake & presents.

But it started storming so that helped get them in! We used that time to open presents. It was quite chaotic. Thankfully the screen porch kept them out of my house.

It let up some and they were back to football.

But then we had to drag them back for cake.

While it was raining, Blakes' Playstation was brought out to help keep them busy. As you can see he could hardly take his eyes off his new Madden game. The black & white candles were leftover from his Totally Gross party, and they reminded me of the referee's shirts.

Here's a closeup of the cupcakes. I'm really happy with how they turned out, even though frosting all that grass was a pain in the hand!

And since I love brightly colored cake so much, I decided on a neat surprise inside the cupcakes. The inside of the cupcakes match the team colors on the topper! Like the Dolphins one above - it's teal & orange inside!

And this Steeler's cupcake is black & yellow.

Instead of pre-scooping the ice cream, I let it melt a little & them molded it into a football shaped silicone pan. We had chocolate & vanilla.

And we can't forget the party favors.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing football in the rain. And sliding into a giant mud puddle!

LinkI love this group shot of the boys. It took a few tries though!

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Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh - what a great party. I love all the details. I would love to be on your link party list. My party – The Inspiration Board is up right now. Hope to see you there.


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