Monday, January 21, 2013

Mid-October Finds

I have been itching to go thrifting and yard-saling ever since we got back from our vacation in December. Hitting all those antique stores made me ready to seek out more treasures. If you follow me on Instagram (I'm @WendyBrnn), you've already seen a sneak peek of what we found there. But that's another day. 

Today I'm sharing some stuff I found at the thrift back in October. Not sure why I didn't post sooner. Anyway, I am now.

 One lonely wooden spool. Which I'm kind of glad about in a way. When there is a whole bag of them, they tend to want to mark them up since they're vintage. One was cheap though.

 In several of my previous thrifting adventures, I found pieces of this lovely set of dishes. And fell in love! I've been collecting ever since, but it's been a long time since I found any. So I was super excited to find these. The set is by Taylor Smith & Taylor and it's called Boutonniere.

 I love everything about these flowers!

 And even though I really have no use for tea cups (we drink our tea sweet, with ice), I can't pass them up. The inside is the prettiest shade of aqua. 

Mike is probably going to roll his eyes at this one, but I liked him. He's still out in my stash waiting to be hung. Before I do, I might paint over that 1980's blue, but I haven't decided yet. Not sure what color I'd do any way.

Have you found anything good lately? 

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Wendy said...

Hey! Fellow Floridian, thrifter and chick named Wendy here. :)

I saw a set exactly like yours (little blue flowers) and almost bought it!

I wanted to invite you to join in my thrifted link up.


PS- happy to have found your blog!

Rebecca said...

Fun! I have seen that pattern around a few times myself. A friend of mine made some of the cups into candles, they were blue and so cute. It's such a sweet pattern.

Wendy said...

Just stopping by to say thank you for joining in. :)

Liz Lewis said...

Sweet finds! I need to go thrifting now..


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